Lords of the Fallen Review | GameCloud Australia

William Kirk at GameCloud Australia writes:

"Lords of the Fallen is a game that successfully builds upon existing ideas, while still managing to create an identity for itself. There is a lot for Deck13 and CI Games to be proud of here, as they’ve created a visually defined experience that provides players with an incredible amount of agency and replayability. I respect that this is a game that expects players to figure it out, and to approach each battle with a unique strategy and build configuration; even if a few more tools would have been handy. However, as rewarding as the gameplay mechanics can be at times, there are noticible balancing issues across every class. Essentially, you’re going to have to put up with some teething issues, but for those too intimidated by Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen is a good place to start. The foundation for greatness is here!"

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