Sunset Overdrive Receives Incredible Reviews For New IP

Insomniac Games took a gamble when they signed on to develop Sunset Overdrive exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox One. While the studio has plenty of experience in crafting excellent games for the PlayStation platforms, most notably the Ratchet and Clank series, this marks the first time they have developed an exclusive game for the Xbox brand. And, judging by the reviews rolling in, it’s one of the most well-received new IPs of 2014.

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creeping judas1548d ago

It seems that new IP's have had a hard go of it this gen. Not sure why?

marison1548d ago

It's a great game in the sense of fun and graphics. I will buy as soon as Destiny give me a break...

4Sh0w1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

It's an incredible game, I had it preordered so I was playing it at exactly 9:02pm here on the west coast. I stayed up all night , we'll until about 1:30ish am. I'm tired but its OK I'm a going home early to play some more. I want to get deep in the game before I play online.

It has tons to do, the gameplay mechanics are cool as hell, the controls are great -aside from the auto aim being a bit crazy at times, pisses me off when I miss but its mostly silky smooth.

The world is alive with enemies everywhere and the game gets challenging, tougher mutants, swarming packs of mutants, human opponents with weapons, enemies climb up walls, jump on the grinding lines and those damm blowers are shooting green rocket slime at you all the time...fking hate those things. DONT STAY STILL= traversal, run, jump, shoot or die. Only thing easy about the game is death has no penalty except starting whatever you were doing over. (Respawn animations make it feel like a reward, lol)

So far missions are go here, get this, come back but they are varied and interesting and you fight for your life the whole time, just when you think you found that backpack some mofo runs by hits you and takes off with your loot! Lol. You can also blow off a mission or quest anytime, just go explore and find stuff to boost your amps or weapon upgrades/cash for costumes.

The story is not Oscar material but its better than average and sometimes makes me laugh only thing I dont like is the voice reminding you to head back for whatever mission you completed.

The graphics are eye popping beautiful. The city really looks and feels like a playground. The color palette stands out from a mile away.

I haven't even touched the multiplayer yet.

Yep, its definitely an incredible game. Personally I'd give it a nothing less than a 9/10.

aconnellan1548d ago

They have, it's been a rough year.

Some people would pin it down to over-promising and under-delivering (in terms of Watch Dogs and Destiny, thought I'm thoroughly enjoying the latter), but that doesn't change the fact that it does suck for publishers who are looking to back new IPs. Not really a good start for this gen.

Dark111548d ago

Because they're over hyped Watch Dogs , titanfall and Destiny

at least we got Shadow of mordor and sunset overdrive
both are good new IP's and delivered exactly what they promised.

objdadon1548d ago

I'm really tired of hearing that word(overhyped)! It's called marketing people! If I had money backing my product then I'd hype it to no end! Gamers don't do their research these days and just complain! For instance, Destiny gave you a beta for a week folks! A week! I put 80 hours in and had a blast and am still enjoying it! I knew pretty much what to expect! Youtube always has a ton of gameplay on these games before they come out to help you know what to expect! For instance, I watched a ton of gameplay on sunset overdrive and realized I didn't want to run around shooting kool aid at things so I didn't get it! Just do your research! It's marketing!

danny8181548d ago

Actually I saw sunset overdrive everywhere. It had hype its just lived up to it.

DougLord1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Actually Titanfall has a slightly better meta critic than Mordor, SSOD or FH2. It also sold really well for the install base. Un fact it's #1 for Xbone with 2.16mm sold vs COD at 2.06mm.

Also new IP generally gets the best reviews and then it goes downhill from there. Sometimes the second installment will beat or equal the 1st. Halo 1 was the best rated Halo (barely above H2). God of War was the same (1, 2 then 3) as was Assassins Creed. Uncharted was an exception where it got better and better (3, 2, 1). Think about it - if the first title doesn't do really well it shouldn't get a sequal. Also IP gets stale eventually. Aren't we all pretty much finished with AC?

1. Rayman Legends92.17%
2. FIFA 1489.92%
3. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition89.22%
4. NBA 2K1487.12%
5. Titanfall86.71%
6. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition86.62%
7. Forza Horizon 286.03%
8. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor85.82%
9. Metro Redux85.50%
10. Sunset Overdrive84.56%

user56695101548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

im pretty sure fanboys overhyped these games not devs. they use them as ammo against one another making the game seem more than what it was. watch dogs went missing and as soon as it popped up back on the scene in dec only thing people talked about was res and which next console had the better version. i didnt hear nothing about the game besides this until the game came out.

titanfall good but is overpriced and should have been cheaper. most fanboys bashed it because it was exclusive and too similar to cod when they was the main team that invented cod. how we theres devs that former selves of the company because most of the the main team left but forget that what happened to IW. they got screwed over by activision remember that and created respawn.

destiny is just average, only played a little not my thing, maybe other i can see the appeal in it. its just like cod to me addictive but dont really care for it. like cod but never really buy them. people been saw the flaws in the beta. it had to do more with want to believe in bungie than overhype. just like ND i doubt they make a bad or average game but if they do a lot would be disappoint but i bet you the would have something that hook poeple to it.

so its more of GAMERS STOP OVERHYPING GAMES. its a different gen but these are still games. not much is going to change except gfx. im glad the pc community is over the gfx whore stage, because we would have as much gems as we do now

end one bub rant

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ThePope1548d ago

One word; hype.

Its partly the developers/publishers fault. But its also our fault. We have been so hungry for a game to show us what this next gen is about, that every game that even seems next gen we go crazy for.

If it doesn't deliver, find shelter because some will lose their minds.

I personally thought Watch Dogs was a really fun game. Is it the ultimate expression of what we think a next gen game should be? No. But the problem is we aren't enjoying games for what they are. We have this check list of what a next gen game has to be and unless it hits every box, it sucks, we were lied to, FU reviewers, etc, etc.

u got owned1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

@creeping judas

Im glad reviewer are been more critical with games this gen, we use to have to many 9s and 10s last gen that did not deserved it.

TheWatercooler1548d ago

I wouldn't say incredible reviews. It has received very good to excellent reviews. Last of Us is a new ip that received "incredible" reviews

ImHyjack1548d ago

You're a tool that's my incredible review of you.

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NeoGamer2321548d ago

I'm really enjoying the game...

Another solid game on X1...

Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and D4 are consuming my life! Week after next will be Halo. I better finish Sunset or Forza Horizon 2 before then. Then, all the multi-plats as well... Mordor, Diablo, CoD, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, etc.

Couldn't be happier with my X1 right now. They spent the summer adding OS features like crazy, and now they are bringing awesome games.

lemoncake1548d ago

Good time to have an x1 console. The sony fanatics on n4g are up in arms today spamming out the disagrees i see.

NeoGamer2321548d ago

Yeah, I understand. The PS4 has only a bunch of 4-8 hour indie games to play...

My PS4 saw a week's worth of action at launch, another four days with the release of Outlast and infamous SS... Other than that it collects dust as I have played most of the Indie games available on PC and played TLOU on PS3... I will get TLOU remastered when it drops in price. LBP3 doesn't interest me much (I have 1 and 2 on PS3 and don't play them much), Killer Instinct is already on X1 so I will get GG Xrd when its price drops... Frankly, my PS4 could double as a boat anchor and I wouldn't notice. I am really looking forward to Bloodbourne though.

Don't get me wrong, I like Indie games, but since most are on other platforms I have already played them or prefer to play them on the PC where the Indie world is truly alive and creative. It is hard to label Indies as creative when they are mostly just porting their stuff they already have from PC. Brilliant marketing by Sony!

k3rn3ll1548d ago

Yup. FOR and SO both over 80 metacritics. D4 at 77 but that's expected for such a niche game. MCC is great because all 4 of those games got good reviews when they came out. It really is a great fall for xbox. The studios and division should be proud. They said they would deliver good games and they have

danowat1548d ago

It's a lot of fun, probably the freshest feeling next gen title so far.

danowat1548d ago

The fanboy hate is strong up in here.

iDadio1548d ago

People don't like opinions different to their own

TedCruzsTaint1548d ago

To much dismay, I'm sure, Xbox One is constantly proving itself a solid choice for gamers.

Just saying.

GodGinrai1548d ago

yup. And all before halo even turns up. Im px-ing my current day one edition for the COD limited edition 1TB console. Feels like im buying an XB1 for the first time again! Even though Im going to play some titanfall in about an

Lionalliance1548d ago

Sad that i can't play this : /

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