Destiny – Vault of Glass Glitch, Opening the Vault Solo

A glitch that allows players to skip the first stage of the Vault of Glass in shared-world shooter Destiny has been revealed.

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n4rc1503d ago

They patched it out awhile ago.. Plus chests are empty..

Sounds exactly the same so I doubt this is relevant

OmegaShen1503d ago

You can glitch in, but there is no loot. Just another clickbait by clueless fools.

the_mack_attack31503d ago

Have done the glitch myself and I have found the chest. Give up you r needless banter attention seeker.

n4rc1503d ago

It was patched.. You can glitch the door but the chests are empty.. The spire won't form with you in that room..

Probably why there's no video posted.. Found an old glitch and reposted it.. Trust me.. I tried it multiple times last week lol..

OmegaShen1503d ago

I been doing it from the week the vault was added and the other dlcs.

iceman1111503d ago

new updata to day 28 oct the game keeping getting error code monkey why send out the game before it working we what our money back to the games

Whore_Mouth1503d ago

The author is horrible at composing a story.

Also, this has been patched.

the_mack_attack31502d ago

What exactly about the story is horrible? Any tips to improve it would be appreciated. :)

Whore_Mouth1501d ago

It was just full of grammatical errors, and errors in punctuation.

There were run-on sentences, and extraneous "the".

It was a hard read, but I commend you on your mature response, and willingness to improve.
You're a better man than me.

the_mack_attack31500d ago

I apologize, tried to get the article out as quickly as possible, didn't give it the same level of care I usually do. Went over it and tried to approve it.