Xbox One’s First Year: A Look Back at How Far it Has Come

CraveOnline: "It feels like just yesterday the Xbox One was announced with all its DRM and family sharing. Truth is, it’s been 18 months since Don Mattrick revealed the future of the Xbox brand in one of the most controversial gaming press conferences of all time., and in just a few weeks it’ll celebrate its one-year anniversary."

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knifefight1504d ago

It's a completely different system in so many ways. It's hard to think of another system that underwent so many drastic changes from reveal, to launch, to post-launch. I feel the changes were improvements.

ftwrthtx1504d ago

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but in this case, all of that hurt the brand. They were able to pull their heads out before it ruined their image completely, but it seems there's still a bit of a cloud over head.

dbjj120881504d ago

In all honesty, I've been more disappointed than impressed. Still, the platform will go a long way.

CowbopBeboy1503d ago

In my opinion the Xbox One has the best line-up of games at the moments, but I think the larger amount of third-party support will carry the PS4 to greater heights in the future.