Are publishers finally waking up to the true potential of the licensed video game?

'License based video games often get a rough ride. They are the perennial punching bags of the industry. Commercially abused and critically damaged, intellectual property is often left by the wayside as publishers move onto the next quick buck. Fortunately thanks to the likes of Rocksteady Studios and Telltale Games the treatment and perception of licenses in the game industry is changing. No longer are they merely seen as just cash grabs, but opportunities to utilize and expand a passionate ready made fan base.'

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gangsta_red1547d ago

If a dev is given time and the resources they need there is no reason why a licensed game can't be good. In the past a lot of movie games needed quick schedules to release with the movie. This is a huge reason why a lot of them sucked, I have noticed that we haven't been getting a lot of those types anymore.

I'm glad that trend was shot down.

Summons751547d ago

They're still there but people just don't pay attention anymore on account they still suck. Batman and now Alien: Isolation has been a shining examples of how to do it well.

Gigglefist1547d ago

Escape from Butcher Bay <3
Not to mention pretty much every Lucas Arts game on SNES.

There have been some damn good licensed games even in the past

dreamed1547d ago

Hope so,super hero games have such potential,but apart from the arkham series there pretty crap.

i for one would love to play a game based on the movie 'inception',not the movie exactaly but in the same world,and possibley playing as cobb himself...just an idea i had last year,but i'm sure loads will disagree???.