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GR: You’ll struggle to find one solitary article on the entire internet concerning Lords of the Fallen that doesn’t mention Dark Souls within its opening paragraph. This is because Lords of the Fallen essentially is Dark Souls if it was set within your typical action-RPG fantasy universe, where men holding improbably large weapons are commonplace and Road Warrior-esque shoulder pads are totally in fashion.

Lords of the Fallen is the first game to be crafted in the mold of FromSoftware’s unforgivably difficult RPG series. Whereas other developers have borrowed from that franchise's nigh-on perfect mechanics before, never have they done so as liberally as Deck13 Interactive has here, though this isn’t a simple cut-‘n’-paste job; Deck13 has made some changes to the Souls formula, which are decidedly hit and miss.

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knifefight1455d ago

Well, goo don the Souls series for inspiring more games to try and best it. Some day, something will beat it at its own game. Till then, gamers win.