PS4's New Share Play Feature Actually Works

The idea behind Share Play, the most prominent feature of Sony's soon to arrive and feature-packed Firmware 2.0, is that it enables you to pass the controller to a friend as if you were sitting on the sofa together. Except the sofa is now the internet - if you're friends with someone, you can play multiplayer games with them, or even let them take control of your machine as if you'd physically handed them the pad. Anyone, anywhere. This is a platform specific feature too, so publishers will have to specifically opt out. Talking to Sony, even things like alphas and betas would require the feature to be turned off.

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Xsilver1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Ya Don't Say. #MARKCERNY

chrismichaels041478d ago

First Sony introduces Cross Buy and Cross Play. Now they give us Share Play. It's things like this that keep me supporting Sony. Even the most biased anti-Sony fans have to agree these features are impressive and very beneficial to gamers.

nX1478d ago

^Don't forget Remote Play! Sony has done some amazing things in the past few years, that's why I'm supporting them since the PS1 days.

sonarus1478d ago

I don't support sony because of shareplay. To be completely HONEST i really didn't think this feature would ever materialize. I have gamed primarily on Playstation since 2005. In the approximate decade playing primarily on PS i have seen sony come up with plenty of empty and plenty of undelivered promises. (Rockstar agent, eight days, home being ridiculously useless when it had great potential to be so useful) i'm sure there are countless others i don't really care to remember.

Sony for me is the best platform because FOR ME it has the best games. (Emphasis on the period). Xbox biggest game Halo while i admit its a good game i never played it enough to get into it and honestly just never cared about it. Gears of war is probably till today the best xbox game i have ever played. The games i enjoy the most are the metal gear solids and uncharted primarily 3rd person shooters really and Xbox is just too fps for me. The 3rd person shooters i played on Xbox like alan wake i found to be rather dry

GarrusVakarian1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I just watched two guys from live-streaming Lords of The Fallen and they were letting the people watching the stream take over and play the game via SharePlay. And one of the viewers defeated the boss.

Now that's what I call a "next-gen" feature. Seriously impressive.

callahan091478d ago

@Lukas, that is really cool, thanks for sharing that story! I need to check that out and see how that works.

Ju1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

SharePlay is in fact Remote Play for the PS4 (client). This worked with the Vita/PSTV all the time. You can use it as a second controller for (some) games (e.g. FIFA). Actually, Vita/PSTV remote play does the same without the 1 hour limit - well, but you have to explicitly share that PS4, while SharePlay is (public) RemotePlay with an invite system (and a PS4 client only).

MRMagoo1231478d ago

BEST FEATURE EVER ADDED ! imo of course but jeez this is by far the best feature ever added to a console since online and then they top it off with all the other cool stuff like themes and music while playing games I am super impressed with sony, the update was worth the wait.

bouzebbal1477d ago

This is what Pawaah af da clawwd truly is.. simply magical. i tried it yesterday and it's an impressive feature and definitely a huge selling feature that they should put in all their ads

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Thatguy-3101478d ago

But but Sony doesn't " innovate". /s
Wouldn't be surprised if others follow in their foot steps

BeefCurtains1478d ago

This feature is so awesome I can't even grasp how great it is... This is a Tru next Gen feature.

NegativeCreep4271478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Oh no, I got something even better for you, dboyc310:

"Playstation sucks because Microsoft's total corporate earnings - and not just the Xbox division's earnings- were 100 trillion last month (i.e. the 'So what, my Dad Makes More Money Than Your Dad!' MS sycophant argument)."

Bennibop1477d ago

Not sure that other will be able to follow in their footsteps in regards current gen hardware, remote/share play is made possible from hardware design choices from my understanding.

SeanScythe1478d ago

Anybody having trouble linking to YouTube accounts?

GarrusVakarian1478d ago

Yep. It's the only issue I've had so far, which is annoying because it's one of the things I want the most. Lol.

Eonjay1478d ago

I got linked up. After you enter you info and select you account it will return you back to login page. Simply hit "circle" to exit out and it will be done.

-EvoAnubis-1478d ago

Not at all. Did it last night as soon as I got the firmware update. Easy peasy.

SeanScythe1478d ago

Mine was pulling up my account but saying it failed to connect to the server. Maybe it was YouTube issue and not ps4....

garos821478d ago

me 2 . it is bloody annoying. i tried change my psn email address to my you tube email address and still no luck. it is the only thing i havent got to work

swize1478d ago

i does work if you link it to your phone/tablet with the YT app .

SeanScythe1477d ago

Started working but with the PSN issue the videos won't upload. Oh well just wait for it to work than have fun sharing videos.

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Ron_Danger1478d ago

I just realized that since we don't need the game to play using share play, that devs can stream upcoming games to people or we could get access to E3 demos.

nX1478d ago

That is actually mind-boggling, in some cases I would've even paid money to play a showfloor demo. SharePlay really opens up a bunch of new possibilities.

ColeMacGrath1478d ago

Nice idea, hope they do that in PS Experience.

Ka7be1478d ago

This feature will make reviewers and metacritic scoring obsolete. People will try games from their friends and see if they like it or not! then buy it.

Perfect feature for gamers.


sweendog1478d ago

I agreed with you but reviews have been obsolete for a long time

nosferatuzodd1478d ago

yep i just played my friend killzone on share play i dont even have the game thats so sweet it works seamlessly man im very impress

Muzikguy1478d ago

This is a great next gen feature! Much better than snapping between apps and using my voice to navigate /s

Seriously though, I need to try this thing out! My connection is the best I've ever had, so now I just need some peeps on my PSN list

jaydeez1477d ago

Lol, you don't have friends.

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Eonjay1478d ago

This option will make people more social on their consoles as well.

Volkama1478d ago

Now I just need some friends. Friends that have games I do not have.

JoGam1478d ago

I need video chat. haven't used my cam since PS4 released.

DanteVFenris6661478d ago

@JoeGam why would you want video chat while your gamin? Someones face talking priority over your game sounds very lame. Voice chat is perfect, leave the video chat to laptops and phones

ColeMacGrath1478d ago

Video chat with share play might look cool, its like sitting in the same couch looking at your Friend's reactions lol.

NBT911478d ago

Add me - nextbigthing91
I want to try this out.
Anyone else can add me too if you want, just say N4G in the message.
Will be nice to Share Play some stuff some time.
Plus I do actually need some new PSN friends that actually play games other than COD / Fifa annual updates.

Muzikguy1478d ago

Lol, I need friends too. Oh, you were just talking about ones with games you don't have....

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Insomnia_841478d ago

True! I Share Played Driveclub with three different people today and while streaming, a viewer asked me if I wanted to Share Play with him but I don't think it works while streaming but that would've been the forth person just this morning.

Xsilver1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

i wanna soooo bad but gotta go to work
Edit:damnnnnnnn i just got a crop ton of party invites :D

Muzikguy1478d ago

Now that would be interesting to share play that game. I don't have it but it would be nice to check it out

buyakabuyaka61991478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Now THIS is a game changer.

Thank you sony for this amazing feature.

Playstation nation! Time to party baby!

DigitalRaptor1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

This is simply one of the most next-gen features of ANY next-gen console.

When I hear Xbox fanboys trying to paint their favourite console as being the most-next gen/innovative etc, all I hear are things that are NON-GAMING related i.e. Apps. Non-gaming apps and functionality.

These recent articles regarding one game (Sunset Overdrive) and DriveClub's disaster launch has made it go to their heads. Share Play is GAMING related and completely amazing. Here's to more amazing GAMING related features. Sony knows what gamers want, it's that simple.

Speak_da_Truth1478d ago

You damn right it does. what did you expect?? that it won't work??

Xsilver1478d ago

their lack of faith in Sony is Disturbing.

Inception1478d ago

Well it's kotaku. They think because Drive Club had issues than share play will have the same fate. I bet they even already prepare tons of articles about share play doesn't work. But looks like that plan are failed.

Concertoine1478d ago

Well psnow had a very poorly received beta.

Im glad this works well, will have to try out my friends copy of driveclub before i get it :D

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