Lords of the Fallen - NVIDIA GameWorks Tech Features Demonstrated

NVIDIA has just released a new video for Lords of the Fallen, showcasing the NVIDIA GameWorks features that are featured in it.

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TheMapleNerd1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

So these things are only on the pc platform?

LightofDarkness1452d ago

Yes, PhysX particles and extra PhysX cloth physics are Nvidia only, it seems. I wonder if the cloth is destructible a la Borderlands 2.

TheMapleNerd1452d ago

Good thing that i have Nvidia on both my desktop & laptop then, gonna buy it on friday. The Hype is real!

LightofDarkness1452d ago

Yep, I've got a pair of GTX 970s waiting to eat this game for breakfast :p

nikrel1452d ago

Hope my 660ti does not blow up!

user56695101452d ago

But pc only have better res and frame rate. You telling me the do stuff that's not on consoles plus sometimes they work with devs to get more out of their gpus. So thie things people said in this article was all bs and excuses.

They never stop being wrong every time and this is just exclusive nvidia features not what not on consoles that's on pc version. They're not dumb enough to pull the wool form over these fanboys eyes. They would cry for weeks then go back to being in denial

Genova841452d ago

I'm not sure I follow. Are you saying Nvidia's exclusive graphics would make console fanboys cry? As an owner of an R9 295x2, I am also crying!

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