Digital Foundry vs Sunset Overdrive - How does Insomniac's tech fare on Xbox One

"Sunset Overdrive is a game that dares to be different to other third-person shooters, turning its back on the overly serious tone of today's top-end releases in favour of a bright and colourful aesthetic, with gameplay clearly influenced by Sega's Jet Set Radio and Sucker Punch's inFamous. With flashy aerial acrobatics and wacky cartoon-like shooting, Sunset Overdrive is a breath of fresh air, putting the fun factor ahead of complex storylines or laboured attempts at grim and gritty realism."

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Jdoki1478d ago

Never really seen the point of DF doing a tech analysis of an exclusive game. I can use my eyes pretty well to see the game looks nice!! And I would imagine reviews would mention it if the frame rate was bad etc and it would be obvious from the hundreds of videos and play-throughs appearing..

All this really does is provide ammo to continue the 1080p/60 argument from detractors who are unlikely to play the game.

bouzebbal1478d ago

these articles are completely pointless and should be banned.
trying to destroy every game for no reason.
it makes a little of sense to compare two 3rd party games on 2 consoles so people who own both consoles can decide which version to get but doing this on every single game is completely garbage thinking.
i'm downvoting these articles everytime.

Fishy Fingers1478d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Some of us enjoy reading about the tech details.

It's not about 'comparing', it's purely about providing a technical analysis. If you can't understand this is about information, not flame wars, then you should simply ignore their articles.

DF provide some of the more informed, well written, well researched articles on N4G.

Ka7be1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I think metacritic and review scores should be banned for ever.

Performance analysis sites are pretty cool and informative for people who don't have much time to analyze a game for themselves.

Thantalas1477d ago

I normally enjoy reading how Digital Foundry articles. This Digital Foundry article is very confused because it doesn't know whether it wants to be a game review or tech analysis. They should sticm to one.

Jdoki1477d ago


I know where you're coming from, and I enjoy technical articles as well.

But I don't find DF providing the level of tech analysis I am interested in. In fact I think their analysis is less technical now that in previous years as it seems to all boil down to little more than frame rate graphs.

The entire last gen these DF head to head technical articles would assigns 'wins' to platforms for marginal differences that are barely (or not even) visible in game play.

Other than the framerate analysis there's almost no actual technical content. Certainly nothing that couldn't be deduced from watching the game (for example, it uses HDR and has real time reflections, and the screen tear is only at the top... Really! Glad someone at DF got paid to point out what my eyes can see! :) )

50% of their articles now reads like a review, 40% is filler and 10% interesting content. In fact in this article the most interesting thing was the separate link about dynamic lights!

RedDeadLB1477d ago

They are not pointless articles nor should they be banned.

I for one like reading tech articles. I like to understand what's going on behind the screen and I like to know tech details and limitations of hardware or software.

If these kind of articles aren't for you, move along. Not everyone uses them as fuel to the fanboy fire.

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jriquelme_paraguay1478d ago

they make perfomance analisys, so don matter if is exclusive or not.

1477d ago
pompous1477d ago

Hahaha.. reviews never, never mention any kind of frame rate drop or fluctuations.

Spid3r61477d ago

Gameplay trumps resolution any day.... people still making fun of the 900 30fps...showing me charts and shit an I am sitting here SMH. I think in the Sony side of things there is too much pressure in getting the games hit 1080 and is the reason hype builds and then the game falls flat, really need to stop this demand!

n4rc1477d ago

That's far cry sev said it best..

Everyone is all about 8bit indie games yet resolution is this important?

And tech analysis? Hardly... They get a review copy.. Its not like they are digging thru code.. They run a pixel counter and that's about it.

Knowing this info in a perfect world would be fine.. But in our world this info and site are solely for fueling the console war IMO.

HeWhoWalks1477d ago

Exactly how many PS4 games have "fallen flat"? I keep hearing this. What games have flopped in a commercial AND critical way (something measurable, please - as in you know the expectations).

Take your time, I have a while.

OT: Why are technical articles such an issue for some? They're INFORMATIVE. Nothing wrong at all.

user56695101477d ago

This is for people who are genuinely interested in gfx analyst and benchmarks and learning what gfx techniques. Not much of the console fanboys would get this but benchmarking has been here for the longest its just fanboys that ruined it, especially since we can't run benchmarks on these consoles.

Yetter1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Its for super nerds like me who eat this stuff up

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Lenrulesdaworld1478d ago

The crazy thing is thats multiplayer and the small dip was unnoticeable, single player is probably way more consistent. Love thing game so far

xTheMercenary_1478d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

There are actually no drops at all in single player. Frame rate for multiplayer is excellent considering the amount of stuff going on at once on screen.

disagrees for saying the truth. That's N4G for you.

GarrusVakarian1477d ago

People are disagreeing with you because that's not the truth. There's a singleplayer framerate video in the article, and it clearly shows small drops in framerate.

They're rare, and only dip a frame or two, but you said there are "no drops at all", which isn't true. Hence your disagrees.

OOMagnum1477d ago

Lukas really, lol. You people.

TheRedButterfly1477d ago


Please stop being an apologist and trying to justify the fanboy bullcrap.

falviousuk1477d ago

Hes a troll, a major one at that, just ignore him and move on.

Game looks great, love all the bright colours, and the gameplay looks manic

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2cents1478d ago

3 more days!!!

Now we got the 'science' out of the way, can we put away our clipboards and calculators and have some fun???

"of course we can.... its a [email protected] videgame!" :)

Woo Hoo!!!

Software_Lover1478d ago

................... Holy F***

Did you guys see how much was going on in that multiplayer. Explosions everywhere, bosses, guns, explosions. That has got to be some of the craziest multiplayer I have seen thus far this gen. Looks like it will be a blast.

Crazay1477d ago

Pretty wild eh? That's something that at first took me by surprise and took a while to adjust to the sheer amount of things going on at once. LOL.

Ka7be1478d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

900p and frame-rates drop down to around 26fps! seriously?
Zombies in this games reminds me alot of Resistance monsters. been watching some streams and i got to say its a pretty cool game.

Hope MS releases this game on windowsPC.

EDIT: Disagree all you want. but below 30fps for MP is unacceptable. MP needs to fluid with solid FPS for better online gameplay.

@Maniac person, Your comparing a sharing feature with an actual physical game? lol

ManiacMansion1478d ago

PS Share.. 720p with p2p connection.. uff...

oh wait, its free so its all OK here...

Ju1477d ago

Trolling about a feature you don't have. Now this is appropriate.

akaFullMetal1477d ago

What does a streaming service have to do with a physical game. Plus the original system is in 1080p , so I am unsure of your deflect and argument?

MasterCornholio1477d ago


How the heck is shareplay going to work without a PTP system?

If you want streaming games from dedicated servers PSNow is your option.

GarrusVakarian1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Lmao...why the hell are you comparing the resolution of a videogame running on hardware to a streaming service that depends entirely on the hosts'sand the guest's internet connection?

They aren't even remotely the same thing.

Qrphe1477d ago


I dont think you know what that really means.

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marlinfan101477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


That's funny you'd say a 4 fps drop is unacceptable for MP after you've been defending DC for weeks when that had a completely broken MP.

Yetter1477d ago

competitive MP maybe. I've played quite a bit of the MP already on SSOD. The frame drops are unnoticeable imo. And there hasn't been a game out this gen on either platform that has this much going on screen at one time. I prefer game devs try to innovate gameplay and not concentrate on absolute perfection when it comes to the technical end of things. Insomniac has done just that and the fan reception shows it paid off

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