PS4 System Software 2.0 - 10 Things You Need To Know

MWEB GameZone writes: "Here's the 10 most important facts you need to know about update 2.0. We've got the video version from PlayStation Access as well as a more detailed version written out."

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DesVader1548d ago

Lots of interesting changes...

GribbleGrunger1548d ago

Just a heads up: Don't use rest mode for the moment. Some people have put it in rest mode and haven't been able to restart their PS4s. There's only a couple out of thousands, but I would avoid it for now.

Xsilver1548d ago

woah thanks man was about to put it in rest before i left for work.

amiga-man1548d ago

Well luckily for me I have put it in rest mode with no problem

1nsomniac1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Shit! I've just read this 5 mins after switching my PS4 into rest mode. Tried to switch it back on & it won't work.

When I put it in rest I got a new screen with a pic of PS4 with orange light saying do not remove AC while in rest. Then it made a loud clunk as it switched off. Didn't think too much of it because it tends to make that noise every now & again when it powers up anyway. So now I'm stuck with a PS4 I can't switch on.

Screw it, I'm fed it up with it now im pulling the plug. If it damages it I dont care it's getting sent back.

*edit* had to remove power cable system was completely locked up. Wouldn't eject disk wouldn't switch on & wouldn't continue to charge controller.

HDD database had to be rebuilt but then shown another new screen with pic of PS4 telling me that I had been naughty & removed AC while it was on. It now works though.

So again, don't use rest mode. Well done Sony, again...

Volkama1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Rest mode = standby? Urch. I use that constantly, it supports my impulse buying habits.

If you're already in rest mode does the firmware automatically apply and then go back into rest mode? I guess I'll just cross my fingers and carry on as usual.

GribbleGrunger1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

@1nsomniac: Just relax. Plenty of people have gotten their PS4s working again now and haven't had the problem again. Try rebuilding the database and reinstalling the firmware.

edit: Oh you did :)

This firmware is absolutely stunning by the way.

Jihaad_cpt1548d ago

I had the same problem but just pull the plug and then rebooting helped for me. I could then use the feature.

victorMaje1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Happened to me too, pull the plug & reboot

bucrepus1548d ago

Updated my childs and mine.. Both made a clunk sound when doing the autorestart, neither will restart even after plug pull. Called local Gamestop, dozens of reports on this update screwing up systems. I didnt use rest mode.. CRAP

Sillicur1547d ago

Wow that is terrible but thank you so much for the tip!

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fei-hung1548d ago

Anyone else notice the Play Memories app on the store for thr PS4? I'm sure that wasn't there before. Hopefully that will let us upload pictures and family albums.

Spenok1548d ago

Lots of GOOD changes/additions. This is the best PS4 update by far.

Sillicur1547d ago

Comepletely agreed, massive update just what the PS4 needed wont u say?

ThatEnglishDude1548d ago

I can't see the YouTube app...

HanCilliers1548d ago

Do you not see it in TV section of your PS4 dock?

GribbleGrunger1548d ago

Have you downloaded it from the store?

Bigpappy1548d ago

LOL. You are obvious very helpful, but ready your post amounts the others, makes you sound like the Sony rep, sent to administer the launch and answer user issue. I know you are not. It is not an attack on you helping, just got a bit of humor reading the comments and seeing you having solutions.

bouzebbal1548d ago

it'll be on the Store, it's not installed by default

Ashlen1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I couldn't find it either but you can now use the browser on youtube which is SO SO SO much better.

Best hidden feature ever!

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ManiacMansion1548d ago

You need for PS Share at least 5 MBit upload.. here in Germany its only possible with at least a 50/100 Mbit DL :-((

HanCilliers1548d ago

South Africa is even worse

Clover9041548d ago

Hope it's not too bad. Shareplay isn't going to work very well without a stable, decent internet connection.

mark3214uk1548d ago

for people not sure remember 5mbit is only 625kb/ps

Volkama1548d ago

If you have less than the 5mb does it block you from attempting share play? Or does it let you launch it and put up with the performance?

I'm thinking I might befriend my enemies, and then invite them to shareplay any of my games on my 0.5mb upload :p

Sillicur1547d ago

Oh that is terrible news for PS4 games in my country of South Africa :(

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hfaze1548d ago

I'm glad to see that Sony is doing some innovative things like Share Play. Hopefully they work on tweaking the experience to make it as good as possible, as this feature could be an awesome reason to go with the PS4.

SMcNu7151548d ago

While share play is an awesome idea, I would like to remind you all that Microsoft was hung for the exact same thing. Only real difference was an always online, always digital infrastructure.

I don't see this being good for developers... Just another reason for one person to buy a game and not the other just so they can cheese out on share play while the company who supplied the product misses the sale.

MRMagoo1231548d ago

Yes MS was doing exactly the same thing except completely different with added drm /s

MasterCornholio1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"I would like to remind you all that Microsoft was hung for the exact same thing."

Except Microsoft put some ridiculous restrictions on physical copies in order to make that happen. So in the end it wasn't the same thing.

Sony is doing this in a way that's friendly to consumers.

Redempteur1548d ago

rewriting history , you are ?

GribbleGrunger1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I'm assuming you're talking about Family share?

After receiving so much flak and struggling desperately to persuade people DRM was a good thing, they decided to can it and then AFTER it was canned, decided to give people a good reason to want DRM. People are so gullible.

Do you honestly believe that MS could persuade publishers that it would be a good idea to let 12 people play a FULL game for nothing? Remember they were in league with EA in trying to scupper the second hand market. Suddenly they were going to offer something far worse than the second hand market and publishers loved it?

It was never going to happen. They invented it to make people angry at all the Sony fans that Tweeted against DRM. It didn't work and thanks to Sony fans, you and many others are DRM free.

LeCreuset1548d ago

"Microsoft was hung for the exact same thing."

No. MS was, rightly, criticized for their policies collectively referred to as DRM. There was, and continues to be, support for the idea of sharing games. MS just refuses move beyond talk of what they would have done on the issue, supporting Gribble's point that it was an attempt at saving face and making people feel bad for criticizing them.

"Just another reason for one person to buy a game and not the other just so they can cheese out on share play while the company who supplied the product misses the sale."

Or, it's great advertising to entice gamers who would like to be able to eventually play the game at full resolution, uninterrupted, with trophy support, without having to wait on their friend to let them play the game.

Didn't you just say it's an awesome idea? I guess that was just so you could try to paint others as hypocrites.

Marc Whitten on share play:

"Taking Family Sharing out of the launch window was not about ‘we're going to take our toys and go home' or something like that... It was just sort of the logistics of ‘how do we get this very, very clear request that people really want, that choice, and how do we make sure we can do an excellent job of that, get to launch, and then be able to build a bunch of great features?' In the future I think you're going to see the ways that we change how you discover, how you consume, share, play."

So, where is it? Haven't heard a peep about MS' plans.

"We all understand the rules of that physical disc exchange... At the same time, you need to do a good job of managing that there's only ‘one copy' of the game and this isn't some unbounded sharing club that isn't fair for the game creators."

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