Shigeru Miyamoto's Pikmin Short Films Are Beautiful

IGN - A member of the IGN community was invited to attend the Tokyo International Film Festival, where Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled three short Pikmin films. The CG-animated movies were "The Night Juicer," "Treasures In A Bottle" and "Occupational Hazards." Miyamoto made the decision to create the short films as he was involved in development of Pikmin 3.

Without further ado, here's IGN reader Jon Cousins' account of the films shown at the event.

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Loadedklip1455d ago

A lot of Nintendo characters would be perfect for CGI films.

shaw981455d ago

I want a Super mario film done right. Mario and Luigi find there way from Brooklyn to the Mushroom kingdom and have to save Peach so she can break the curse of the toads that have been turned into items by bowser. They could have Mario born from a 1930 great depression family who were immigrants from Italian immigrants. It could be said they became plumbers because plumbing became popular in the 30's. It could be shown earlier in the movie how Mario worked in construction during Donkey Kong and wrecking crew as people back then were randomly picked to work on construction back in the 30's. People did anything to find a job. They could do so much many people don't expect.

Loadedklip1455d ago

Those Smash Bros trailers ... like "Future King" looks so amazing. It really would be awesome to get a Mario CGI movie or a Smash CGI movie.

Concertoine1455d ago

Gotta be honest...
That sounds ridiculous.

I dont think any of nintendos ip's could make a movie, except maaaaybe zelda.

A tv show with mario could work, but anything Mario outside of nintendo's hands has only served to tarnish the series and become a laughing stock. See any of the mario tv shows, the movie, cdi games...

shaw981455d ago

I would expect such art from Miyamoto himself. The man is a genius.

AJBACK2FRAG1455d ago

just like his mentor master Gumpei Yokoi.