Gamespot: Zubo Hands-On

Gamespot writes: "A Zubo is a small humanoid creature that blends a Powerpuff Girls artistic style with the detail and personality of Homies into a cylindrical, Lego-sized character. EA Bright Light has managed to create a unique look for their Zubos that seems to draw on all these sources without overt imitation, and this focus on design pervades the entire game.

Eleven different areas of Zubalon give rise to five Zubos each for a complete roster of 55 unique Zubos that you can meet and recruit to join your team. We saw a Haunted House level that was home to Drakool, a vampire Zubo, and the Wild Wild West zone, where a hulking sheriff named Sheriff Star lived. We were told that you recruit Zubos by helping them with problems or saving them from Zombos, though we didn't get to see this in action."

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