Lords of the Fallen - Day-One Patch Detailed, Fixes Numerous Bugs, Brings Graphical Improvements

Lords of the Fallen releases today and CI Games has revealed the changelog for the day-one update that gamers will have to download. This update is 5GB in size and comes with lots of bug fixes. In addition, this update improves LODs, brings general lighting, animation, and visual effects improvements, and reduces visual glitches.

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Mister_G1455d ago

Nice! Just in the nick of time, I've just my copy so will be playing when I get home from work.

Somebody1455d ago

My preload for my copy finished a couple of hours ago. Now I'm just waiting for it to be unlocked. I thought it will take far longer but apparently it's file size is smaller than advertized.

Spenok1455d ago

I just went out to buy this, and the damnable Best Buy didn't have it because the truck hadn't arrived yet. Freaking annoying. The only reason I didn't go somewhere else to buy it is because I have $20 in rewards coupons too >_<

Mister_G1454d ago

Having played it for a few hours I gotta say that it's not that good.

You can really see that it's trying to be like Dark Souls, but fails.

The 2nd boss in the game is really hard, I had to do some grinding to level up so I could get past it.

Frame rate not that good either.

Bit disappointing.

Spenok1454d ago

So you don't like it because it's hard, takes heavy inspiration from Dark Souls, and has some frame rate problems?

riverside6661449d ago

I do not understand. He complains about it being a failed attempt to create clon DS, but also complains about the difficulty of the second bossa.czy seems to me that trying to find the problem where it does not exist?

Aon1450d ago

For me good thisng is that they released this patch which fixed a lot of thing what is wrong. I think better is dowlnoad patch in release day and will be happy for playing on the game than be frustrated something is wrong.