5 Best Video Game Stories of 2014

GamingStairs: A successful video game features a unique look, visuals, characters and a perfect story as well. How can you play a game without story? It will be useless. There are 5 best video game stories from 2014. What’s your favorite?

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Stupid1455d ago

Murdered Soul Suspect has an awesome story

Spenok1455d ago

It was interesting, but in my opinion it was far from one of the best.

The Last of Us Remastered is kind of a cheat, but it easily takes the cake.

Bravely Default was an absolutely wonderful throwback to RPGs of the past.

Ground Zeroes set the stage for Phantom Pain. I am so hyped it's not even funny.

Infamous Second Son/First Light was quite enjoyable.

Shadow of Mordor is also very good. Easily the best LoTR game in my opinion.

And saving the best for last, Destiny. Who could argue, with a story so deep I can't even begin to know where to start. It was jus.... LOL okay, perhaps that's a joke. But it had to be done xD

Agent20091455d ago

Ground Zeroes, with its cut-scenes and cassette recordings, is already one of the most emotional and intriguing games of the whole generation.

DirtyMagician1455d ago

"During the transferring of funds, they got a strange file and being ambushed. Damien has tried to chase the hacker, giving them both away. Aiden Pearce quit and leaved, fear for his family, Sister Nicole and her children Lena and Jackson."

I'm sorry but the English here is atrocious.

Zizi1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I won't say Watch Dogs has a stellar plot; it's just OK. However, I find the gameplay is pretty neat.

Grand Theft Auto V has a great plot, I think, and it should be on the list.

GamingAddiction1455d ago

Watch Dogs Should be Replace with GTA V
Watch dogs on number 3 is a best joke of 2014

uth111455d ago

Watch Dogs has a horrible story IMO

the_mack_attack31455d ago

Have to agree, such potential. Game was saved by its good gameplay!

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