Hideki Kamiya Reveals More About Platinum Games’ Xbox One exclusive Scalebound

In true Hideki Kamiya style, the reveal trailer for Scalebound began with a hyperbolic battle between a monster and a dragon, and only got more ridiculous from there. A main character who looked like he’s tumbled out of a Final Fantasy game.

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lelo2play1503d ago

I'm curious about this game.

christocolus1503d ago

“Whether it’s through battle or through adventure, your relationship and your bond is going to grow throughout the story. Your player character and this dragon will form that bond and in that sense you will have a relationship… It’s not just meant to be a tool for battle. It’s not just meant to be your pet.”

Sounds intriguing. Something really different from their past efforts and the part about building a relationship sounds great. Definitly another title to look out for.

EZMickey1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

You know that means the dragon's gonna eat it, right?

qwerty6761503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

this game is sounding more like a free roam style game or maybe something like destiny

and not some basic linear story.

Concertoine1503d ago

That would be treading new ground for platinum

Sm00thNinja1503d ago

Not interested but that could change ! One CG teaser trailer won't do it

alb18991503d ago

Not interested but you are here........interesting!

Roccetarius1503d ago

I think the main character tumbled out of a certain other game, but that's better off forgotten.

Cinematics are great and all, but it remains to be seen if gameplay is worth it.

King_of_Nothing1503d ago

"I think the main character tumbled out of a certain other game"


TomahawkX1503d ago

this is the only game that will get me to buy an Xbone.. if the reviews are good that is.

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The story is too old to be commented.