1UP: Overlord: Raising Hell Review

1UP writes:

"I know that they're here to die in my stead, but I always feel a little bad when my minions are ripped to shreds, drowned, or otherwise mangled; their agonizing screams do not go unnoticed. Perhaps that makes me a terrible overlord, but what can I say -- even on my second time around with the PS3 release of Overlord: Raising Hell, I still do everything I can to minimize the suffering of the goofy little imps that follow me."

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TheWickedOne4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Sucks that the person that posted this, didn't use the score. B+

The demo was actually fun, but I'll wait for a used copy later.

monet man4737d ago

a great game that people slept on???