Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Update 2.4 "Dreams Of Ice" Now Available

Square Enix announced that Dreams of Ice (Patch 2.4) for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is available from today for PC, PS3 and PS4.

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pompombrum1453d ago

So the rogue is available now? Does anyone know what the other subclass is you need to get to level 15 for the ninja?

Spenok1453d ago

Rogue and Ninja. SOOO excited. As Eiyuuou says, subclass is Pug.

pompombrum1453d ago

Yeah been on it all evening, level 15 rogue at the moment and really enjoying it.. easily some of the flashiest/coolest looking animations I've seen on a class in any MMO.

Spenok1453d ago

Very nice. What server are you on?

geddesmond1453d ago

I thought player housing was coming in this update?

geddesmond1453d ago

Thats free company housing. I'm talking about being able to buy your own house that only you own.

Kurisu1453d ago

Ah right, sorry my mistake :)

tuan871453d ago

It was available in a previous patch. Sadly, it's the same housing that free companies use.

geddesmond1453d ago

Really? Can I log in now and buy a house without being in a free company? My company kicked me out for taking a months break and after wasting millions on them and helping so many new members I will no longer join any free company.

Spenok1453d ago

Yeah you can buy one at any point. Though I would seriously consider joining a new FC. Just be careful of one you join. I'm sure you know the benefits of having one, since you've already been in one. OR, you could just start your own?

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Eiyuuou1453d ago

No offense, but everyone who visits these posts knows this by now.

Don't you think you're going just a little overboard? ^^

Jubez1871452d ago

not really, I know a lot of people that unsubbed and didn't know ninja was coming out, and they're very happy it is.

Eiyuuou1451d ago

This is a misunderstanding. It was meant to be a reply to paradigmfellow, but it seems the site didn't like my idea ;) I was talking about him stating that he wouldn't resub.
Sorry for causing a misunderstanding though ^^