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NGB Wrote: "Lords of the Fallen, at least what I’ve played of it so far, is a challenging and well paced hack 'n' slash RPG. If you’re not a fan, or have yet to dip your toes into the waters of the Souls series, it might seem somewhat frustrating at first, but once you get your head round the mechanics and pacing, it becomes a satisfying, if not brutally difficult, RPG.

Whilst it’s not really my cup of tea, I can see this taking a spot in some players’ libraries as the wait for Bloodborne gets ever more excruciating. Whilst it’s probably somewhat harsh to compare it to From Software’s output, it’s inevitable really. This is to its credit and its detriment, as certain elements outpace From's games, but other areas fall sadly behind. Overall though, Lords of the Fallen holds its own, but fails to do much more than that."

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Spore_7771455d ago

"Before I get started, there’s a bit of a confession to make. I got stuck on Lords of the Fallen, and as a result, this review won’t go into much on how the story pans out, and will instead focus on the content I have played through so far."

There are readers who prize story a lot. It's a shame the reviewer got stuck. Could explain the 6.5. I suppose it came down to the gameplay mechanics and features upto where the reviewer ended and that's fair I guess. But it reeks of bias and laziness.

I am still pretty excited for this game though.