PS4 Firmware Update 2.0 "Masamune" Full Patch Notes Released: Lots of Unannounced Changes

Here are the full patch notes of the Ps4 firmware update 2.0 "masamune"

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Insomnia_841549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

It's live! I'm updating at this very moment!

Mannnnn, as if it wasn't fast enough, everything loads quicker now even in the store!

Conzul1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

OMG they fixed the laggy page scroll on the browser! So smooth now. Nice... Always had to stop a page from loading just to scroll sometimes but no more.

Edit OMG also the Dark theme (bottom right option) is sooo neat. I'm parking it right there.

Eonjay1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I noticed that too. Its like butter. All the menus are like that now. The friends list shows whos online - the blue indicator. Everything is faster.

Remote Play seems alot smoother. BTW, I was running it over wifi, but I had better luck with Direct Connection in settings. Either way, both are much smoother.

To clarify I mean PSTV. Much better. I'm happy now. :)

Why o why1549d ago

I dont get the blue dot.... what was wrong with just the number.

bouzebbal1549d ago

looks like a massive update. can't wait to get home!

amiga-man1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I was impressed with how quickly this updated considering this is a major upgrade, things do seem very quick and smooth it almost seems a new machine.

Looking forward to experiencing all the goodness that Version 2.0 offers, good job Sony

Why o why1549d ago

Seems to be able to run a couple applications simultaneously. ... when closing my game I noticed the option to close the ign app I forgot to close

PeaSFor1549d ago

Woah! Massive improvement with the ps vita remote play, just tried with trial fusion!

LeCreuset1549d ago

"To clarify I mean PSTV. Much better. I'm happy now. :)"

Was just about to ask that. Have a helpful bub.

u got owned1548d ago

With this update PS4 is literally an XBO with better graphics and best of all you dont need camera to use the voice feature.

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Thatguy-3101549d ago

That's the first thing I notice. Everything just seems to flow a lot more fluidly. I love the feel of it.

levian1548d ago

Any idea if the messaging system was improved? As it is currently I sit in the messages for 30s+ sometimes before the message actually load, sometimes it does that with messages I send, not just received.

u4one1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

stoked. Im gonna download this badboy tonight. are any of the interactive themese available? I really want to see those in action.

NatureOfLogic_1549d ago

The "In game session" in the friends area was really needed. I no longer have to click on one friend and wait for the slow recent activity to appear.

IIFloodyII1549d ago

Do messages show up any quicker now? Most of the time it takes a minute or two to show me it.

1nsomniac1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I see a lot of people have put on their rose tinted glasses especially for today.

All the features that were said to be included are included however there is absolutely no speed increase to XMB or PSN store. It's exactly the same as it was. Despite the fact there is now only 15 icons (including share factory, music unlimited, video unlimited - none of which I've ever used & never will) instead of my previous 49. It still has to load them as you scroll through.

Also to make people aware, standby mode (now rest mode) is broken. Once you put it to sleep it locks up the system & it doesn't switch back on. You have to remove the AC power cable. If this doesn't damage your HDD then just wait for your HDD database to be rebuilt. So wait for a FW update before using it.

LeCreuset1549d ago

I just took my system in and out of standby mode, no problem. I also noticed a speed increase, especially for the store.

While I'm reluctant to call you a liar, it is suspicious that you came in here with a bias ("people have put on their rose tinted glasses") and just two bubbles, and are not only having a different experience than what other users are reporting, but are the only one I've seen reporting an issue with standby mode. It could be that the problem is limited, and your one of few experiencing it, but, again, it's suspicious that you are speaking as if the problem is widespread.

P.S. Everyone's hip to the whole "rose colored glasses" rhetoric of those who concern troll PS. Do you all go to the same trolling school, or what?

1nsomniac1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

As I said, the update is everything they said it would be. The rose tinted glasses comment is that people are now making up that it's suddenly incredibly fast as well. That's just obvious BS anybody who realistically tries it for themself can see that without any difficulty.

The standby issue is a widespread issue however. 2 seconds of looking would of shown you that if you had bothered instead of trying to call me a liar or a troll. In the last hour I've seen 3 people on N4G alone that have reported it. I can even explain what the new screens look like if I didn't think you were being incredibly pathetic.

I'm one of the few on N4G that gives honest information no matter which camp it's coming from which is why when I called out Watch_dogs, Destiny & Evil Within & even TLOU (Remaster) to some extent people slammed me & down bubbled me until they played the games themselves then suddenly went into hiding refusing to then stick up for their beloved games until after the backlash had cleared & people had forgotten who they were & what praise they had given the game. I don't mind having 2 bubbles at least the few honest people around here know I can be trustworthy.

The fact that you have 6 bubbles tell me that in all honesty you're most likely to be a Sony fanboy that posts "inspirational messages" rather than truthful messages. Unfortunately this site is no longer a gaming site but a 1 camp only site. Anything that is Nintendo, Microsoft, PC or then mentions Sony in even a slightly negative light is completely disregarded. It's all a bit childish & silly really.

LeCreuset1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I know. Heard it all before. "I'm one of the few brave people courageous enough to speak the truth on a video game website." Go ask for a Medal of Honor, or something.

You do realize I tried the update, after reading your post, right? My criticism wasn't made lightly. There is a speed increase there, particularly in the store. Also, three people on N4G reporting an issue does not make it widespread, nor warrant your blanket statement about standby mode being broken. That's about as ridiculous as telling people not to buy hardware, because a few units experience failure.

As for my comments, any time you want to test the truth of them feel free to try me in a debate.

NatureOfLogic_1548d ago

@1nsomniac, You can change the icon limit to off in the settings menu.

XisThatKid1548d ago

Yea dude, It's def faster and I exclusively use remote play considering my lamp bulb went out on my projector. The update is sweet right now. I feel bad for you if things didn't work out but all good hear I live off of "rest mode" now considering all I do is remote play and I've logged on at least 4 times since the update no problem here you should send in your PS4 for repairs or refurbish.

After my Vita updated to accompany 2.00 I've been loving the new colors (Xis purple for me).
The UI DEFINITELY runs much smoother and faster especially on Flist and notifications. I guess because of the 15 block icon lock and some tech tweaks, it works though. That store smoothness tho... I haven't checked out the share stuff yet but def diggin the new library ant Live from Playstation tweaks, oh and the party screen "clean up". Only problem I have is I'm having trouble connecting with my YT account for some reason but I'm sure this will fix itself in a few hours.

dantesparda1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


You do realize that you could have your "precoius 49" back by simply going to settings/systems then uncheck the "Limit no.# of Content Items on the Home Screen. And you're defnitely coming off like a hater. You act like everybpdy is having your issue with standby and you're the one with brown stained goggles on cuz its definitely sooner (15~ items in the content area vs 49).

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garos821548d ago

im loving the mp3 playback alot. it feels a little smoother/faster for me 2. havn't tried remote play yet with 2.0 to see a difference neither the share play stuff. Anyone here want to hook up and give it a spin? Overall im impressed.

The only issue im having is i cant log into the youtube app for whatever reason. Anyone else struggling to log in?

andibandit1548d ago

Damn it, I want to experience it myself, but cant log in

Muzikguy1548d ago

Is everything quicker? I didn't get much time to play with it.

I grabbed that color too, thinking it would be darker but it's perfect :)

Spenok1548d ago

Yeah I'm loving the update. Smooth, lots of nice additions and improvements, and all around awesome. I didn't get on around launch, so I also didn't experience any problems so far. Good update Sony. Keep them coming.

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NatureOfLogic_1549d ago

Already downloaded. Installing now.

ion531549d ago

I'm loving the dark blue background

Cryptcuzz1548d ago

Same here man, that is the one I am using and it looks so sexy.

poor_cus_of_games1549d ago

This is the first true gen update for all consoles. Can't wait to try it all out.

thrust1549d ago

I guess you do not follow console gaming news...

MeliMel1549d ago

Lol..yeah ok. But great update nonetheless

Sm00thNinja1549d ago

Wtf you do realize the Xbone does this monthly? You must mean for PS4

GarrusVakarian1549d ago

No, the Xbox does smaller updates more often. It doesn't do updates of this scope every month.

Cupid_Viper_31549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@ smoothninja

He is absolutely spot on about it being the best update of the generation so far.

"Wtf do you realize the xbone does this monthly?" Ugh what are you going on about here? The Xbox does NOT get Share Play monthly, and I think that's exactly what poor_cus_of_games was getting at.

No amount of Snap TV this, or that, is going to change the fact that this is a huge update that has, probably forever, change the way we play games from now on. Microsoft has always have their focus elsewhere other then gaming, and their monthly updates presses home that point.

This update have the potential to reshape how games are made, at least for the PS4. We all witnessed the death of local multiplayer in 95% of games now. This is literally putting the focus back into that. Even single player games like Metal Gear Solid no longer have to be a solo experience, a friend can now assist you in beating the game without either of you ever leaving the comfort of your home.

This is an update for the "Gamers." And yes, the game has now been changed, once more...

And to think that PS gamers still have Project Morpheus (another possible game-changer) to look forward to?

RosweeSon1549d ago

It puts great features in like share play each month? wow must have missed that as all it looks like to me every month is microsoft are patching in stuff that should have been there as standard this is a proper next gen upgrade as the chap above mentioned. This stuff wasn't around last gen, hey ho it's here now time to play some ps4 ;)

LeCreuset1549d ago


It's almost unfair for one person to have so many bubbles. But when you earn them you earn them!

Have a Well Said.

xActionBasturdx1548d ago

I hate to be that guy, but most of the time when I hear about an update on the x1 its a controller update...da fuq outta here

lawgone1548d ago

It's real simple LeCreuset... heap ridiculous amounts of praise on Sony, earn bubbles. Point out anything that is not high praise of Sony, lose bubbles. Point out a positive of Xbox One, lose even more bubbles.

Xbox One has already received many updates. To call this Sony update "the first true gen update for all consoles" is fanboyism, pure and simple. I await my massive amounts of disagrees and loss of bubble for not toeing the Sony line.

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Sly-Lupin1548d ago

I must be missing something because this seems like a pretty inconsequential update. And funny you should invite comparisons to other platforms: the Vita, 3DS and WiiU all got ease-of-use updates that greatly improved their respective UIs--most notably with the introduction of folders.

Honestly, I expected more from this update. Sony has admitted that the PS4 OS was unfinished but hey had to rush the console to market, after all--so I assumed the second version would "complete" the UI at least to a respectable degree. As far as I know, the PS4 has the worst UI of any OS currently on the market.

Of course, I say that without ever having seen the XB3's UI. For those who have an XB3, how is its UI?

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NatureOfLogic_1549d ago

PS store update maybe. The same with themes.

dRanzer1549d ago

When the ps store gets update? do u know?

Why o why1549d ago

Yeah, I was wondering where the themes were.

FarEastOrient1549d ago

PS store (US) updates in the afternoon east coast, thanks to pacific coast.

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Bennibop1549d ago

Its on the PSN store along with the new singstar app!

garos821548d ago

it is in the store. works great however i cant log into my you tube account for some reason. anyone else have this issue?