Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale details: 28th Oct - 3rd Nov 2014

Neil writes "The Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher Sale for 28th Oct-3rd Nov 2014 is now live. Anything you fancy?"

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Volkama2363d ago

Oh might as well pick up that Titanfall season pass, on the off chance that I ever play the xbox version again.

Software_Lover2363d ago

I've pretty given up on buying online games when they are more then 15.00. I just don't play online multiplayer that much. I bought the Halo 4 top edition, whatever that was, and you know how many hours I have spent in multiplayer......... maybe 2. I have battlefield 4 through E.A. access, maybe 2 hours of multiplayer. I should note that I prefer mouse and keyboard when playing battlefield.

It's the main reason I can't wait for Halo MCC. Everyone is going on about the multiplayer, which is great. I myself can't wait to sink my teeth into all of the missions in legendary mode again. Sunset Overdrive is my cup of tea. Will be buying Mass Effect as long as they don't turn it into Destiny 2.0

JasonBloodbourne2362d ago

Titanfall on cdkeys is still cheaper for xbox one at £22.99

Volkama2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Yes, it's always nice to see Microsoft push official console + game bundles, because the game is always a digital code and that opens up the possibility of buying a digital key for a fair price later.

The way it should be for all games, but unfortunately not the way it is.