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"Before starting Lords of the Fallen, I pondered setting myself the challenge of reviewing it without mentioning Dark Souls once. How naïve I was. This isn't just a game in the style of Dark Souls, it's a game that feels specifically designed to remind you of Dark Souls. You can't talk about Lords of the Fallen without mentioning Dark Souls, because Dark Souls is why Lords of the Fallen exists. It's practically a cover version, bar one important difference: it's not as intimidating."

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Spore_7771452d ago

oh, Dark Souls, what have you done?

MasterCornholio1452d ago

Watched many streams of this game and something seems off with it. I really can't explain what it is though.

mydyingparadiselost1452d ago

I 100% agree, I watched about 40 minutes of gameplay and it just seems off. I think it's that the mechanics and the AI seem rough, coupled with bad level design and uninspired enemy placement. Maybe it's just the area I watched or the guy that was playing, but being a big fan of DS and DS2 I have to say from what I've seen I'm not impressed at all.

LAWSON721452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Apparently inspired people to actually pretend they could make a similar game. Lol jk

The game was kind of asking for it really, as I watched ENB play it looked like it was really trying to copy the formula.

Muadiib1452d ago

Dark Souls without the intimidation is no Dark Souls at all. It's why I'll wait for a steam sale of this game. Bloodborne, you're my only hope.

Sokol1452d ago

Wait, they gave it 7/10 because the game isn't to their liking of the Dark Souls?


Predaking771452d ago

I have the impression that people expected this game to be a Dark Souls game.

This is another developer. I believe this is a good game if you don't judge it pretending to be a dark souls game.

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