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Lords of the Fallen is an epic action RPG, which only comes short of being a masterpiece because of a few issues. Are you ready to die?

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Imp0ssibl31548d ago

This sounds bloody excellent. Can't to wait to pick it up later today!

kaiserfranz1548d ago

The year of the RPG continues to deliver. Good, I should be able to finish this one before DA:I releases...

Alexious1548d ago

That won't be too hard, Lords of the Fallen isn't extremely long but it's worth it.

And yeah, the RPG year is just fantastic and it will continue into 2015 with The Witcher 3 and Pillars of Eternity!

Festano1548d ago

Thanks For review, it's incredible game.

NovusTerminus1548d ago

Looks awesome... Now I gotta wait til tomorrow to play it since Steam won't unlock it till 1PM and I'll be at work...

slappy5081548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Just played the first part until the boss, died 2 times before I manage to kill him, otherwise good game so far! I think the review score is a fair reflection

Alexious1548d ago

Two times is pretty good, I certainly died more there.

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