MWEB GameZone Slender Man Origins 2 Review - Hauntingly great experience

MWEB GameZone writes: "Slenderman is a character we all know and fear. The unnaturally elongated arms, the white skin that strikes terror into our hearts. And so it was that Slender Man Origins 2 Saga (or Origins 2) came to give us restless nights.

With Halloween on the way, if you’re looking to scare yourself, this is the game for you. Origins 2 will not appeal to everyone as its slow pace can leave some players bored, but the experience of feeling in danger every step of the way will keep many glued to their mobile screens. It will also satisfy those looking for a stimulating intellectual challenge and not just cheap scare tactics."

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lord zaid1453d ago

I think we can thank games like this for the revival of real horror games.

SonZeRo1453d ago

nope nope nope. i will not play that.

DesVader1453d ago

Bolt the doors and close the windows, the Slenderman cometh! Bring it on :)