PS4 "Share Play" Trailer from Japan is Absolutely Awesome; Beats the Western Ones by a Landslide

The western videos for the upcoming “Share Play” feature packed with the 2.0 firmware update of the PS4 were just rather dry explanations of how it’ll work.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia went a different route, creating an actual story and taking an emotional approach to communicating the value of “share.”

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Eonjay1478d ago

I loled when the girl started going hard on Destiny. :) Get um!

solidsheep1478d ago

How did Destiny do in Japan I remember Sony getting grief by western media for showing it at tgs?

Eonjay1478d ago

Sold like 200k over PS3 and PS4. Very decent considering its a western FPS style (albeit MMO) game.

jjonez181478d ago

Head shots all day!
The "Goddess of AIM"

sinncross1478d ago

This is such a great ad. The girl is sad and feeling a little lonely so her friend share plays some co-op games with her. Then he share plays Destiny for her to play alone and it works. Then by sharing she becomes more connected with people.

I think it really plays on the whole sharing and playing aspects quite well.

Shinro1478d ago

That guy is her brother :D

Travis37081478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I need this update in my PS4 now! And that video was awesome!

Bathyj1478d ago

Well how can something with hot Japanese girls be bad?

nix1478d ago

remember guys what charlie sheen said... for every hot girl out there, there's a guy tired of bonking her. q:

sonic9891478d ago

Yeah she looks great.
FYI your name will become outdated in less than 3 months time to create another account right, next time choose your name wisely.

MasterCornholio1478d ago

That's what you came up with to say something negative about this PlayStation article?


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The story is too old to be commented.