Walmart Gives 50% Bonus Trade-In Value After Purchasing CoD: Advanced Warfare (11-3/11-4)

Techtorial: Walmart is giving away 50% bonus trade-in value if you purchase Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare next week. In addition, get 100% bonus trade-in value if you purchase a Playstation 4 console on the same period.

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danny8181548d ago

what if I trade inn bf4?

jjonez181548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Walmart has a trade in value calculator in their website's electronics section.

Here you go : https://walmart.cexchange.c...

C-H-E-F1548d ago

Sooo walking dead season 2 isnt there for ps4... does that mean they won't take it??

jjonez181548d ago

Wally World has great trade in value already. Oftentimes they give you double what places like GameStop will offer.

Just wondering, could I buy CoD then trade in a game, then re sell CoD to Walmart? Netting me 50% trade in value for nothing? It's a good deal, but Call of Duty isn't my thing.

Vegamyster1548d ago

Just looking at some of the trade in values...

$28.05 for Pokemon X with case
$22.50 for regular 3DS including power cable & stylus

Hmh... lol.

GoPanthers9991548d ago

Hopefully they train the staff how to do a trade properly, lol. I have traded at WM and they are clueless, this should be fun.

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