Is the Call of Duty franchise in decline?

MWEB GameZone writes: After the disappointment of Ghosts, Activision launched an aggressive advertising campaign to lure lost fans back to answer their Call of Duty in Advanced Warfare. A recent pre-order sales analysis from Cowen & Co, indicates that the Call of Duty franchise is in a cycle of decline

But, are pre-order sales figures an indication of success or failure? As we've seen with Ghosts, the CoD franchise has perhaps become "review-proof" and it will continue to break sales records, even though it could fail in the eyes of fans."

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plut0nash1549d ago

IMO All that needs to happen is that a good game needs to be made. Nothing more, nothing less.

HanCilliers1549d ago

Advanced Warfare has got that down with the single-player campaign, I mean Spacey! The MP will make or break it.

Spinal1549d ago

Yeah Spacey don't make it a good game. He doesn't even make it a good film... See Superman Returns..

Scatpants1549d ago

This new one looks decent. We'll see how the sales are. If it reviews well I might pick it up at black friday if there's any deals to be had on it. I've been skipping COD for the past couple releases because the gameplay felt so stale, but this one looks better.

PoSTedUP1549d ago

mee too, havent bought since MW3. if MP is fair and balanced ill be getting this. i miss cod, they need a mash-up of COD1 and COD4mw; chaotic but tactical, with the upgrade system of BO1.

Spenok1548d ago

But they always review well... so how are you going to let that sway your decision?

joab7771549d ago

This games sales will be affected by Ghosts. If it's really good, then next yr will see an uptick. But times r changing and it may simple be getting old.

quenomamen1549d ago

Well you first need good devs, not the chop shop re-skin pros at Clawhammer, Infinity Ward & Treyarch but more importantly you need someone other than Activision with their crappy model of a New ( not really new ) COD every November. Till then it's gonna be the same cut together Frankenstein FPS game is has been for the last 5 years.

HanCilliers1549d ago

Well, they have made good CoD games before

TheFanboySlayer1548d ago

IMO COD:AW is their last chance to save the franchise....

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MrSwankSinatra1549d ago

hope so. The gaming industry was a victim of CoD's success. All it did was influence others to flood the market with the same crap and the industry also became inflated. CoD declining is more of a good thing rather than bad.

HanCilliers1549d ago

I agree with what you're saying, although I can't bring myself to wish failure on AW. Just thinking of all the resources wasted make me cringe. I also think CoD will have a strong fanbase until the end of days. What I do hope for is a proper CoD game again that doesn't over promise but juts deliver the superb fps experience we used to have

MrSwankSinatra1549d ago

Lets be honest here. Activision is easily the most resourceful publisher in gaming. If CoD were to fail, sure that series wouldn't line their pockets anymore, but they would walk away unscathed.

nosferatuzodd1549d ago

Well said and I agree one hundred percent

lord zaid1549d ago

This is a very good point. I love COD, but it's influence was too far reaching. A bit of a decline will benefit the quality of the games and the industry as a whole.

The fact that AW is the game it is, is proof of that. If Ghosts was as big as the previous games, Acti would not have taken the narrative and genre mixing risk that AW is. It would have bee just another military shooter.

DesVader1549d ago

I think Ghosts was a blight on the COD franchise. From the tournaments that we ran over the last year, you see a marked decline in the amount of competitors taking part. It was even to the point that some of the players after our final event actually broke the Ghosts disk...they were so relieved to be finally past it. At the same time, the players are quite upbeat about Advanced Warfare because it gets rid of some of the stupid game modes like Blitz and brings back the well liked Hardpoint and Capture the Flag. However, there will be those that played Ghosts not and are not prepared to give the new developer the benefit of the doubt, so I am unsuprised by the downturn.

HanCilliers1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Sledgehammer really made fundamental changes to AW, but also brought back fan favourite modes as you've indicated. I hope both translate into AW being the CoD title fans deserve

SonZeRo1549d ago

We shall see, i wish AW the best of luck but wont grant it any leniency if it sucks.

Ya_bitch1549d ago

We want zombies it's been three years now since we had zombies

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