That Xbox 360 GTA: San Andreas HD remake is out now — here’s a graphics comparison

Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 isn’t the only game developer Rockstar is re-releasing this fall. The company just launched an upgraded version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Xbox 360 as well.

The open-world crime game is available to purchase digitally from the Xbox Games Store on Microsoft’s older system for around $4. This includes the entire PlayStation 2/Xbox-era game, but Rockstar went ahead and upgraded the graphics for the HD era. This means things look better and less fuzzy.

YouTube video creator Obsscuree uploaded a graphical comparison that shows some of the differences during the beginning of San Andreas’s story.

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DVS-Zev1452d ago

What a difference.They did a good job.Well worth the price i'd say.And man, Pre-update looks damn near unplayable.
What a low res blurry eyesore.Of all the games from those days, this one, may have aged the worst lol

MrSwankSinatra1452d ago

dude it's just a port of the mobile version, anybody who's played the mobile version knows it sucks. Huge FPS drops, sound cutting out, laggy cutscenes, songs removed, freezing, etc. Only reason to buy it is if you're super into achievements.

2pacalypsenow1452d ago

im having sound issues with mine

galgor1452d ago

Speak for yourself, I've played it through with a nexus 7 2012 without any problems.

Chard1452d ago

I had San Andreas on my Steam wishlist, waiting for a sale. Now it appears I'll be stuck with this version, assuming that's what they put on Steam. If the problems can't be fixed, might have to find the original PC version elsewhere.

MetroidFREAK211452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Why the dislike? I read the comments and had me conerned... I was thinking of getting this. Whoever answers my question will get a like since I already have 2 bubbles for speaking my opinion haha

Matt6661451d ago

The reason you got disagrees it because of the immature people on N4G who don't know what a question is.

Anyway I will answer your question.

The port isn't bad, but it could be better there's a lot of sounds glitches/issues, like when listing to the radio it will skip parts, and during cut scenes there will be no sound. Also some of the graphics have been upgraded other parts look so-so. Also with the controls could be better for example when your trying to jump out of a fast car the game for some reason will apply the brakes to the car. So great game, but needs fixes here and there.

Emme1452d ago

The original looks more atmospheric with that glow, the haze, its really sweaty and sticky.
The upgrade looks cleaner, crisper, but it doesnt feel as moody.

phinch1452d ago

When he picks up the picture ff the floor it disapears

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