Why Do Sport/Shooter Games Over Sell & YouTube's Freedom Network Advice

Call Of Casual and Madden 89? Why do these games keep selling? CraigheadPro has the answers!

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EZMickey1549d ago

"I don't like [sports] so as far as I know, people by it because other people have it"

I stopped watching there. Eff off, if you can't even research the piece that you're doing then don't do it. It's like when I watch a review of a racing game and the reviewer says "I'm not a huge racing game fan" then don't review it, because you're not going to tell me the stuff I want to know (on that note, thank God for Daniel Bloodworth).

Although I don't typically play sports games, I come from a country where soccer is damn near a religion so for anyone who's interested, the real reasons sports games typically sell a lot is because sports like American Football and Euro Football have been around long enough to be ingrained into cultures all over the world and as such there are far more sports fans out there than there are gamers, because gaming is still young.

The quality of sports games has improved exponentially over the years allowing the gaming industry to capitalize on that market. The advantage that provides for all the other gamers is that our industry is worth more overall and more investors are willing to put up the money for publishers to exploit the next most profitable market which turned out to be shooters.


Sports gamers buy their games every year because they follow that sport every day of every year. Fifa 15 may seem like the exact same game to us, but to the fans there's no incentive to playing with an outdated roster.

The barrier for entry for both sports and shooter games is generally far lower as they both follow familiar formulas and support large multiplayer communities

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Testfire1548d ago

This piece is basically another fanboy rant of "I wish the games I liked sold better than COD and Madden". People buy casual games because generally these games offer better online and offline modes where they can play with their friends. The learning curve is easy so anyone can play. Nothing wrong with this.

filchron1548d ago

because of #filthycasuals

Spenok1548d ago

People buy sports and shooter because they like them.... it's really that simple.

EZMickey1548d ago

It's not a piece on why they sell, it's a piece on why they oversell.

Spenok1548d ago

I understand that. However, they don't oversell. It's just this guys opinion that he THINKS they oversell. It's basically what Testfire above said,

"This piece is basically another fanboy rant of "I wish the games I liked sold better than COD and Madden."

Again, they don't oversell. People who are into these genres, or specific titles buy them because they like them. They know people who play them, and want to be able to have the latest version.

EZMickey1548d ago

No disrespect here, but sports and shooter games sell more than any other genres in gaming, generally speaking. Oversell is definitely a poor choice in wording, but the core discussion is why those sales are so much higher than the rest. To say people by it because they like it is to circumvent that core discussion. Although I think it's an interesting topic, I agree with you that this piece didn't really cover it well.