What Critics of GamerGate Get Wrong

If you have been following recent news reports, you may have heard about an army of angry, thuggish male gamers marching under a banner called GamerGate. According to some reporters, this “lynch mob” will stop at nothing to defend its sexist turf. Is video game culture toxic?

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Christopher1453d ago

This lady has a problem. She's all over the place and never truly answers questions. In the previous video she never answered whether games were sexist. In this one, she goes all over the place and doesn't specify whey critics of GamerGate are wrong but falls back on the same talk of her previous video.

Essentially, she's siding with one side without giving any answers as to why that can be accepted as factual data rather than just anecdotal reference to the gaming culture of a reference to what people say in relationship to the topic.

When you present a question, then you should probably answer it rather than just shoving various types of info at us.

Blacktric1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

" In the previous video she never answered whether games were sexist."

If timecode doesn't work: 2:00 mark.

"Are there videogames rife with sexism, is that true? Do they promote a culture of misogyny and violence that must be dismantled? Well, my answer is no."

The rest of that part is her revealing that she, unlike "journalists" from tabloid and other mainstream magazines and publishings like Guardian, did her research and so on.

Also; thank you Based Mom for another great and well researched video.

ginganinja1453d ago

Come on cgoodno, she answered it, and she said numbers and stuff as well, and it was what 'I' wanted to here, what else do you want ?
An actual reasoned argument, theories, conclusions, evidence ?
Why should she bother with any of that when she's got a nice patronising motherly tone ? She's not going to let nasty women and sjws take away MY games!!1!

Blacktric1453d ago

"An actual reasoned argument, theories, conclusions, evidence ?"

Citing researches and credible sources are never enough for you SJWs, are they? It's always about "muh feelz".

"Bayonetta's too sexy! It's all for the straight white male gaze! WAAAH!"

And nobody said anything deragotary about women, except YOU. Get out.

ginganinja1453d ago

She cites one source, a college study. And then used it to show that the audience of video games is predominantly male. That doesn't explain if games are sexist or not.
And if you were going to extrapolate anything from that, it'd be that they appeal more to men. Couple that with additional data she tweeted later suggesting that their had been growth in video games, with male participation growing at a faster rate than that for female, and it would suggest the gaming environment is more attractive to men. Would it not then follow that you could argue gaming is not as inviting to women, and maybe sexist ?

Spenok1453d ago

I actually had no idea that's what that statement was being used for. Seems counter productive to post Pro-GG statements. Though if they did it with pictures of what you said it obviously doesn't help. Though in Ryan's case it only helped the Pro-GG side.

Christopher1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

***Are there videogames rife with sexism, is that true? Do they promote a culture of misogyny and violence that must be dismantled? Well, my answer is no***

No, her saying "no" isn't an answer, that's an opinion. She never provided an actual answer that utilized actual data to support her claim.

So, no. All she did was use anecdotes to give you the illusion that she actually had any data. Anecdotes isn't proof, it's just story telling.

Blacktric1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

"No, her saying "no" isn't an answer, that's an opinion."

You mean like Anita?

Also, of course it's going to, ultimately, be an opinion. Anita finds "women wearing sexy clothing" or getting killed in games as sexist. But she gets a free pass, right?

On one hand, you have an actual academic feminist who uses facts to extrapolate information while using her judgement as a complete outsider to videogames.

On the other hand, you have a hack scam artist "strong" woman who's being puppeteered by her boyfriend to post misleading videos by misrepresenting cherrypicked scenes.

And she still haven't finished it after two years, 160k initial payment + donations made to her private account...

Christopher1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

***You mean like Anita? ***

Anita has her faults, but she provides a shit ton of info to back up her answer.

I mean, honestly, N4G alone provides a ton of news that proves that there is a use of women as a sexy selling points in at least the advertising of games (Hitman Nuns and the like).

The lady in this video game is just latching onto the controversy to get a name for herself. Sure, the same thing people can claim Anita did. But, at least Anita did her research and isn't a short-term reactionary that actually provides no answers to any of the questions she herself asks.

***On one hand, you have an actual academic feminist who uses facts to extrapolate information while using her judgement as a complete outsider to videogames. ***

Your bias is showing through here. Somehow two women with degrees in the same thing and a long history of said research are, based on your huge Internet search into their lives has shown you that only one of these women are doing this to be seen and become well known? Hint: the only person who's had her history ridiculed online is Anita.

It's fine to have an opinion, but don't leap to the concept that one woman is suddenly more educated and informed on certain topics just because of your opinion or the fact that only one of them has been brutally torn apart by the online community.

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Spenok1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Look at what Ryan741 said below.

#GamerGate is about Ethics, transparency, honesty, and proper subjectivity in games journalism. It has NOTHING to do with sexism. People have plastered GamerGate with the wrong Mantra, and few people know what it's original purpose is anymore.

Blacktric1453d ago

You do realize what Ryan said was the exact same thing Anti-GG's been using for the past few days to mock pro-GG, right? They've been captioning photos of horrible disasters and atrocities with the words "Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism" to try and mock us.

3-4-51453d ago

* I love Call of duty & first person shooters, but I also love Mario Kart, Smash Brothers & Fantasy Life.

I love Strategy games they make you think, and also certain mindless games that you don't have to.

I play almost all kinds of games.

I wonder how I would factor into a study as I assume I would break a lot of "molds"....

As in....If you looked at the type of games I play, you'd think I was 5-6 different people.

I'm guessing there are Tens of Millions of other humans like that.

uth111453d ago

The biggest thing critics of gamergate get wrong is that you cannot smear an entire group of people as misogynists based on the actions of a few and outside trolls.

This is no different than saying that Muslims are terrorists, or blacks are criminals. In all these cases, most aren't.

Spenok1453d ago

Too many people overlook these kinds of facts. And most extremist of any type do this.

Christopher1453d ago

I don't think many of them are misogynists. I do believe most of them are Internet Trolls, though.

uth111453d ago

right, Everybody smart person knows that every group has trolls.. This shows that anti-GG is nothing more than a smear campaign. They want to censor GG because GG's message is damaging to some people.

Christopher1453d ago

@uth11: The problem is, those trolls make a ton of people look misogynists by trolling as misogynists. And, either way, they're all bringing down any chance it has to be a respectable movement.

Ryan7411453d ago

actually its about ethics in games journalism.

Blacktric1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

gud meem

Now go post 9/11 and nazi Germany pictures captioned with that on Twitter, like your friends have been doing, and make light of every horrible thing that's happened for the sake of pettily trying to mock #GamerGate.

yarbie10001453d ago

I like how these videos have ratings and comments enabled. Not sure why Anita and others want to disable discussion and feedback on content.....

JD_Shadow1453d ago

One look at how Brianna Wu reacted to David Pakman's questions in that interview will answer that question.

uth111453d ago

You know why.. Any critique of their ideas at all is called harassment at best and misogyny at worst

Alinea1453d ago

This person is far more credible than Anita will ever be.

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