GNAA Trolls Admit to GamerGate Sabotage

The Ralph Writes: "For weeks and weeks, trolls have been trying to sabotage GamerGate. We’ve said this repeatedly, but still, the media hasn’t really acknowledged that there are a set of trolls whose goal is to make us look bad. One of the main groups of these losers go by the name of GNAA. Everything they do gets blamed on us. They’re not averse to engaging in a long con, either. In the image I’m about to show you, user rabite (alias of weev, although I have no way of knowing if that’s him) talks about gaining the trust of a SJW journo, presumably so he could end up hurting our image."

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JohnathanACE2964d ago

Just as expected. We've been suspicious of undercover trolls sabotaging gamersgate and this article helps confirm this.

thorstein2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Exactly. And to think they people who were claiming "misogyny" were actually engaging with the trolls that were going out and creating a false face.

That's like having a cooking show where you add 1 lb. of butter to everything, then going out and doing commercials for diabetes meds.

gamey2963d ago

I think there's plenty of gg supporters that engage in plenty of misogynistic viewpoints. It's a little too easy to say we can wash our hands of the embarrassing elements because a couple might be trolls. There are WAY more than a couple trolls making anti-women statements in these forums. They need to be corrected or any serious discussion loses credibility. This article isn't exactly a smoking gun, either.

uth112963d ago


every group has miscreants, that cannot be stopped. You cannot say an entire group is tainted because of the actions of a few. Gamergate actively polices harassment against both sides, which is more than most groups do.

For instance, the anti-GG side has plenty of people making either pro-bullying statements, anti-man statements and other hate speech. Yet nobody in the media claims they discredit the entire group.

johndoe112112963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


Know what I find interesting? Your obvious anti-gamergate stance that is very well hidden under a very noticeable concern troll front. You appear to support gamergate but most of your comments consistently focus on women being harassed by gamergate supporters and gamergate people doing all the wrong yet you hardly, if ever, focus on what issues 95% of gamergate supporters are complaining about in the first place.

You never talk about the corrupted media and when you do you try to take focus away from the issues that gamergate is trying to correct. You are the very definition of a "mole". We really do not need your type of "help" in our cause. You can tell your game journos buddies that they need to send another undercover agent to do their bidding.

And please, do not feel compelled to respond because anything you say from here on out is completely irrelevant to me as i'm sure what I just wrote is completely irrelevant to you and will not stop you from your concern troll duties.


Somehow people like him and his media friends seem to forget statements like when a certain public anti-gamergate supporter said that they should "kill all men". These sort of statements get made every day from anti-gamergate supporters but you never ever see the media reporting about that and you'll never see him criticizing them.

gamey2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )


You know what I find interesting? I (and many others) show concern about something and I'm labeled a "white knight" or "concern troll" or "social justice warrior." How absurdly cynical. What kind of world do you want to live in where people who care are actively maligned? I care about inequality and injustice and yes, that very much includes the media/corporate corruption that gamersgate is concerned with. However, now gg (and the gaming community) has a brand that is very toxic publicly. Maybe it can be reclaimed without restructuring the name, but that would mean continuing a zero tolerance policy against talk targeting women negatively. gg have started doing this more actively and I'm all for it. You know, because it's consistant with what I believe, obviously, since you took the time to read some of my very limited posts.

The rest of your wild speculation about me being an "undercover agent" for the gaming journalism industry is just weirdly conspiratorial. Here's another problem with this debate. Anything someone doesn't like to hear can be explained away with a conspiracy or false flag cry and that seems for the moment to be socially acceptable form of argument. I happen to think it's scary how divorced from reality some of these arguments are. Believe me or not, I am actually concerned about you, that you believe this stuff to be true. This isn't meant to be insulting. Just a reality check. PM me if you want to talk more about gg, yell at me, yell with me, whatever.

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gamesR4fun2963d ago

yep image that a shadowy group of insiders acting like shady insiders...

that's what gamergates been about since the start all the media that went with the bs sold us out.

just remember that the gaming industry is owned just like everything else.

zeal0us2963d ago

Like anything thats positive towards gamergate this won't garnish the attention of other big name gaming sites.

thereapersson2963d ago

Huh. Didn't know that GNAA was still around...

mixelon2963d ago

They're admitting it goes both ways though.. Doxxing both sides to rile up everyone. Probably did some of the threats, and also likely posted people on the GG side things like syringes and knives. Can't really blame them for one side and not the other, if you're going to blame them at all.

I dont think anyones likely to stop posting as if it was almost certainly the other side without specific evidence on a case by case basis. :/

ContinuePlay2963d ago

Given the description, this should *really* be listed as an Opinion piece.

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