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Kawaii Killer came and went. Apple seemed to have a thing against brutally mutilating cute cuddly animals and spilling their guts across our iPhones and iPads.
Well it's back. This time, however, Tabemasu Games has replaced the gore with plushy animal stuffing.

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CoyoteHunter1504d ago

I found it really disappointing that they had to censor the game in the first place. Oh well, shall give the devs my support nonetheless.

Cookiebex1504d ago

Does anyone know if they had to do the same for GooglePlay?

SlappingOysters1504d ago

It was always pretty brutal

gfois901503d ago

Yeah I agree with coyote - pretty sad but w/e

shipnabottle1503d ago

So THAT's what's inside animals. Well then I don't see the problem with trapping them and slicing them open.