Face-Off: Shadow Warrior


"Shadow Warrior made a splash last year on PC with impressive visuals and kinetic action, but high system requirements left us wondering how well it would translate to console. With developer Flying Wild Hog announcing a target of 60 frames per second on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, it was clear this was an ambitious project. Of course, hitting 60fps and delivering a consistent experience are two different things. Can PS4 and Xbox One attain and sustain the target?

Shadow Warrior is built on a unique, in-house graphics technology known as the Road Hog Engine, first used in Hard Reset on PC. For Shadow Warrior, the team introduced a host of improvements, including completely dynamic lighting, parallax occlusion mapping (POM), and screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO). All of these elements have been successfully translated onto console with minimal loss in quality. In its original PC form, one of the game's limitations was its inability to scale well across CPU cores, translating into performance issues with specific settings. So how well do the console versions fares against the PC original?"

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MRMagoo1231549d ago

So the same as always PC>PS4>Xbox one

shame about the screen tearing, that always puts me off, like in the lego star wars games.

MasterCornholio1549d ago

Yep I agree. I'm glad that developers ignored parity and made each version as best as possible on each system.

sigfredod1548d ago

Actually PC>PS4>Xbox one is true IF your pc have the muscle for it otherwise could be a different order, even PS4>Xbone>pc