PlayStation TV 3.35 Update Will Let You Set Video Quality of Remote Play with PS4

If you use remote play on the PlayStation TV a lot, the 3.35 update scheduled for release tomorrow to match the 2.0 patch for the PS4 will include a welcome feature.

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Iceball20001478d ago

Thats good! Maybe that will help lower any leg ? Hope soo!

G20WLY1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

The best way to lower any leg is to use a hip.

Well, unless it's your "middle leg"... :/

lokirevamped1478d ago


Spenok1476d ago

It's called a joke people, just because he didn't use /s doesn't mean it isn't....

Spenok1476d ago

Yeah no problem man. I know what you mean. You think you've seen the limit to human stupidity but somehow manage to be surprised almost on a daily basis.

Imo it was harmless fun. Gave me a little chuckle lol.

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Spenok1476d ago

I imagine that will help. As well as maybe allow you to play in the original resolution for more of a classic feel?

G20WLY1476d ago

I do hope so!

Thanks for the support (above), by the way - it amazes me how thick some people can be. It was just a little joke based on the OP's typo. I thought it was harmless fun! :)

soljah1478d ago

so guys what do you'll think
would it be smart for sony to do holiday bundles with ps4 +ps tv and bundles with ps4 + vita with special black friday pricing?

Jubez1871478d ago

Yo shouts to Yoshi-P haha !

phatfreddy19781478d ago

This thing lags too much day one was fine. Now it disconnects or its to slow can't be the network fios working fine its just connecting to PS4 that currently the problem. Playing Killzone Mercs though was nice.

jujubee881478d ago

I suggest buying a powerline adapter and hooking up the console to the router that way.

Scatpants1478d ago

Im using a powerline adapter and it works perfectly.

Rockstar1478d ago


Working without a hitch hardwired.
Just make sure the pstv is not set to connect directly to ps4 through wifi as well. I had major lag when i first plugged it in because I forgot to uncheck the direct connect in the PS4 settings.

Jubez1871478d ago

I'm interested in getting one of these, but I have a quick question. Does this connect to the router through wi-fi, then i connect the console through a wire to the device? Or do I go wired from the adapter to the router, then wireless from the console to the adapter??

gameslayer24111478d ago

Also might help if you go under your settings in your ps4, check your remote play settings, and change it to correct directly to the ps4 instead of over the network, it will and should increase all performance. If on the other hand you already knew this knifty trick, I have no ideas as what to tell you.

phatfreddy19781478d ago

Thanks all I will try that never bothered checking but I am wired so I will try the suggestions and try again I thought maybe it was the network cable but my PS3 works fine.

Dudebro901478d ago

They need to get streaming working better all together. We have the technology to stream much larger content packets than what the remote play streams. I'd I can stream oh twitch a crisp 720p/30fps with only a 6 meg upolad, I should be able to stream 1080p 30fps on a local network!

Improve the code! Lowering the quality shouldn't be the anawer

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The story is too old to be commented.