Rooster Teeth host banned from Twitch following crackdown on sexy

Rooster Teeth, or more specifically their representative Meg Turney, has been banned from the growing streaming juggernaut following a crackdown on inappropriate clothing, or lack of clothing entirely.

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Aleithian2425d ago

Protect the children.

(Even though they all have smartphones these days.)

Sashamaz2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Don't know why anyone would defend her, if she wants to make porn there are places dedicated to exactly that. Twitch have the right to ban content that they think is inappropriate for their site. Hate it that when a site bans sexually explicit content they are villainized, it's their business and they do what they want with it.

It's not about protecting the children it's about having an environment for a certain type of audience, you won't find gaming videos on porn sites or atheism being taught by Muslims, I'm sure even in your own home there are things acceptable and unacceptable which in another person's house would be the complete opposite.

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xHeavYx2425d ago

Don't bother clicking on the article people, no pictures there

Harold_Finch2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Why didn't they just tell her to put a fooking jumper on?

So, they're banning a Twitch channel because the user is "sexy." She may be but i argue that it is very easy for girls to become fine like the sunshine with certain clothes and certain makeup while us males are still allowed to Twitch stream our horrendous, hideous faces all over the internet, seriously we look like we were all born under a bridge.

Sexy to get hits? Commercialism has done that since it's inception but we're allowed to keep the twonks who would drink an entire bottle of Whisky in one gulp to get hits (infinitely more dangerous but yeahhhhh.)

I once saw a Twitch stream user that was so ugly, i could literally hear his face.

And, if your kid is under 13 and has access to the internet, you are a moron, no Seseme Street singalong can save them for the crap on there.

theDivision2424d ago

Was it really that bad? I've never seen her twitch channel thing so I have no idea.

googergieger2424d ago

@Sashamaz Oh so Twitch bans Rockstar games, Mass Effect and Dragon Age games, Bayonetta, etc? What about the violent video games out there? Not to mention, she wasn't naked. Was she even in her underwear? Even if, priorities and some awareness people.

lawgone2424d ago

Good point googer. It's pretty hypocritical to ban someone for showing too much skin and then offer a service to watch people play games that show a bunch of skin.

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FriedGoat2425d ago

Hey, to be fair it's meant to be about steaming games. If twitch want to alienate people with strict policies, they will soon fall from grace. There are plenty of other alternatives available.

Bimkoblerutso2424d ago

I honestly don't think they should start down this path of strict rules and restrictions, but it's just somewhat sad that a site literally created to showcase games apparently cannot be successful without real world fanservice that has nothing to do with games.

Patrick_pk442424d ago

This is a problem. More girl cam ***** have moved to Twitch since it has become so popular and profitable. The majority of the time, their camera is 10x bigger then the screen, which barely shows gameplay footage, and if it does they are completely garbage. Hope Twitch enforces strict rules.

Reddzfoxx2425d ago

50% at least of the girl streamers wear skimpy tops and such to improve views and get followers. I guess its okay for some to do it and not others.

HaveAsandwich2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

lol right? some asian chick was streaming last weekend, and it was straight up boobage, all night long. she kept leaning forward into the camera, and all. it was pathetic, but not pathetic enough that I left....

IcicleTrepan2424d ago

Yeah I really dislike this. It is obvious why the girls are doing it and it's inappropriate for the platform they're running on.

I also find it weird that women are all about sexism and how they are portrayed in games and yet you have a bunch of them doing this sort of thing. Don't objectify me but here look at my boobs and send me money.

I'm glad it is gone from twitch. It was sleazy behaviour and I hope they keep cracking down on it.

thejigisup2424d ago

I blame gamergate or whatever the hell that is all about. What about banning everything. I can only imagine the headlines now: Twitch bans the internet.

JsonHenry2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

And this is why we need a NEW streaming service that caters to adults. When the average age of a gamer is ~30 years old I am sure there is more than enough of an audience for this type of entertainment that combines sexuality with video games.

Don't like how twitch handles things? Then lets start a service that is adult friendly and let the market decide the worth. If your site bans outright nudity but allows skimpy clothing you won't even have to worry about all the red tape that comes with a nudie site while still allowing for a more adult-like service to be provided.

EDIT- and to all those "she was making porn" statements above and below - you need to read the article. She wasn't making anything close to a porn. This ban was over booty shorts and bra. Both of which cover more than a lot in game models of female video game characters. The new rules are so dumb they even ban men from being shirtless. I wonder if that means you can't show Kratos streams???

Spenok2424d ago

Seems reasonable, and at least they're not discriminating.

It's a service to stream GAMES, not people. So as they said, "Lets keep it about the games ok?"

MoveTheGlow2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Agreed. It's definitely, like all semi-automated blocking processes, over the top. There's a line between not using the service for what it's meant for - streaming video games - and banning users based on their choice of clothing in their profile pictures, actual R-rated nudity aside. This measure really does fall on the bad side of self-expression via Twitch and reeks of their wide-scale block-any-copyrighted-song measures in VOD policy that encroached on the permissions given by independent composers.

After all, Twitch isn't just about the games. It's about the people streaming them, their choice of music, etc. I watch ManVsGame because Man is awesome, not just because he plays Dark Souls II. They should be free to wear what they want, so long as they're covering up what's conventionally known as "nudity" in the 21st century. Yes, I know that some users exploit their sexuality and just sketch drawings or mess around in Playroom for views. No, I don't think that a bad blocking policy needs to be implemented because of it.

Jonny5isalive2424d ago

well I recently found out about web cam sites where girls will do anything for money. I was amazed what some of them would do without even paying anything lol. No surprise that women on twitch would use there sexuality to get more popularity.

If this type of thing worked for dudes then there would be no problem with it I bet. Im betting all the nerds who work really hard on their streams are getting mad that a girl who is barely a "gamer" to them is getting all the views because she is in a bra.

Ive noticed that in our society, men and mostly ugly women try and control other woman's sexuality. Probably because it is the most powerfull tool in the world and deep down men know that woman's sex appeal is far more powerful then their careers and big bank accounts.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I agree with Twitchs statement, there is no reason to dress inappropriate while you stream games. There are plenty of other places for stuff like that if that is what your into.

user56695102425d ago

Well twitch will never succeed overseas especially Japan where cosplay is heavy. Most video game costumes is over the top so what you think they going to wear.

I for one find this hilarious. Feminist got a lot of companies running scared. Other industries just ignore the I still see countless beer commercials with damn near naked women. Yesterday I saw a lol kid ask his mother isnt the lady down the street from train station cold.

You can't censor the world especially how fast kids are growing up. Better learn to be a better parent and teacher. My nephew's and nieces are more street smart than most adults. O well still funny. They just killed a positive way for her to make money. If she turn up tricking for money because of this the irony is gping to be through the roof

wannabe gamer2424d ago

i didnt know cosplay attire was required to steam a game properly.... oh wait it isnt.

MoveTheGlow2424d ago

I'd imagine many feminists would disagree with these measures. When a woman's sexuality is expressed through one's own agency, instead of the lure of cash or a targeted male demographic, it shouldn't be hidden just because... values or something. There has to be a precedent. That's typically actual R-rated nudity, not a bra and shorts.

Sketchy_Galore2424d ago

The trouble is who gets to decide what is and what isn't 'appropriate'. To me sexy girls in revealing outfits are always appropriate.

It's like I told the complainers at my father's funeral, if you find topless Japanese girls go-go dancing in giant birdcages offensive maybe you should make all the arrangements yourself.

Gh05t2424d ago

The owner of the service. That was easy. Its a private business and as such has the right to dictate what is and isn't appropriate on the site it controls.

Masterchief_thegoat2425d ago

She was ban for being a attention ho.. twitch is for gaming only

Antnee5342425d ago

Thing is maybe that's how she is most comfortable playing games and streaming. even if she is in her underwear, who gives a shit people are so stupid over the shit they find offensive

Masterchief_thegoat2425d ago

There other site she can do that. Twitch is for gaming not gaining fame for being a attention ho. You can get fame without dressing like that.

Snookies122425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

You shouldn't be streaming in your underwear... People should have some sense of decency if you're going to be viewed by hundreds if not thousands of people. Want to game in underwear when you're at home? Cool, but don't do it on camera unless you want that kind of attention. This goes for men or women. There's no way she could be so naive as to not think about how she's dressed, just because that's how she might normally play games. So it was obviously for attention.

spicelicka2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

That's the worst reasoning I've ever heard. Really? She's most comfortable streaming naked? If she was really that comfortable, she would be naked 100% of the time, and we'd be living in a different world.

I love how this attitude totally ignores the fact that nudity in the media is mostly about getting attention and money. She would not be all that comfortable if she wasn't getting some result, whether in the form of money or popularity, out of it. It's exploitation of the audience and we all know it.

And I'm not saying she doesn't have the right to express herself, there are many appropriate mediums she can do that in. But this type of culture is really strange, people like yourself act like this is how the thinking should be, we shouldn't give a shit. That type of thinking really leaves no room for decency, and don't give me the argument about how it's natural, because we evolved this way for a reason.

The problem feeds itself. I don't want to be seeing nudity in my face at every corner. Yes it would get my attention, but that's exactly why its exploitation. I'm not doing it out of choice I'm doing it because I can't help it.

annoyedgamer2424d ago

You actually believe that? Please. I am not saying it is offensive, I could care less but her reasons for gaming in undies is not for "comfort". It is for hits.

majiebeast2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

She can go to any camho site and stream games only thing is she has to actually put stuff up her clam to make money instead of praying on horny virgins that use their dad's creditcard.

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