Hallelujah. X-Wing and TIE Fighter Return on With Other LucasArts Classics

Star Wars and LucasArts lovers have reason to rejoice today, as GOGm forum users unearthed the hidden announcements for a tomorrow-bound release of classics X-Wing, TIE Fighter and quite a few others.

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CorndogBurglar1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter were my favorite games growing up. Tie Fighter obviously was the best.

Its such a shame that we'll probably never see new versions of these games. And I dont mean a watered down console version. I'm not a PC Elitest by any means, but this type of flight sim is just impossible to recreate on console, simply because the controllers don't have enough buttons to accomodate all the different commands.

I never understood why they stopped making these. Every one of them won tons of awards.

ABBAJESUS1453d ago

Maybe Lucas wanted to do "Something new" again with Tech and stuff.