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Sunset Overdrive is brilliant. It’s hyperactive, colourful and down-right bonkers. It’s a true asset to the collection of Xbox One exclusive titles and an absolute must buy for every Xbox gamer.

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lifeisgamesok2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The great scores keep rolling in

Microsoft is giving gamers great GAMES

The colorful animated movie look is a big plus for this game too and the traversing looks fun

Team_Litt2589d ago

In the end that is what gaming is all about, playing GAMES! Playing great games with your buds on online.

DeadlyOreo2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )


Do you have to comment on every review? Lol, you and that Chrisoculos dude are on like every review. And why are you putting "games" in capital letters? Haha, dear oh dear.

Do you honestly even care about the game, or are you more concerned with trying to rub good review scores in Sony fan's faces?

Be a gamer not a fan boy. Congrats for this good review by the way, Insomniac.

Pogmathoin2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

People agreed with you.... That there is the great mystery.....
So, a great game on PS4 cannot be met with great applause, because you will be a fanboy rubbing it in?? No one mentioned the other guy except you.....

Sony fans on an Xbox thread thinkthink? Never! 😀

ThinkThink2589d ago

How is he rubbing good scores in sony fan's faces? It's not like Sony fanboys are visiting xbox comment sections so how would they even see it?

4Sh0w2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Huh? I'm purposely trying to comment on all the reviews too because I have been looking forward to reading what the press thinks of a game I'm going to buy regardless of 10's or 5's.

Why you ask?

Well because I'm a gamer who's been gaming over 25+ years I already know if I like a game 90% of the time BEFORE scores come out BUT, BUT, BUT just like when there were only game mags like Nintendo Power I still like reading opinions from a professional medium, I do it for movies, new products, etc....still just like Ryse I make up my own mind, that game was great, love it more than some other higher scoring games, rarely have I ever brought a game I hated because I know what I like.

Of course he's commenting on all the reviews because he's excited about the game; why does that bother you so much?

Congrats to Insomniac, they have a winner on their hands.

christocolus2589d ago

@deadly oreo

Lmao. You called and I've answered..

so what's the matter now? I can't make comments about an xbox game in xbox articles? I know a lot of sony fans but those like you really give others a bad name.. Is it my fault that most sites are giving the game great review scores? Would you rather have them give the game bad scores ? And why can't xbox fans be happy about that? I've been looking forward to this game since its announcement most xbx fans in here know that and Dude no ones forcing you to read the reviews or even post any comments here. Its so sad i can actually feel the pain in your comment and if its hurting you so badly then buzz off....smh. wth?

gangsta_red2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

This is getting ridiculous.

Congratulate an Xbox game in an Xbox article and we get people coming in saying to knock it off and that we are congratulating too much and rubbing it in sony fan faces... really?

Sony could carve the virgin Mary's face on a side of meatloaf and offer it as a bonus to Uncharted 4 and that story would reach 10,000 degrees with everyone on this site partying like it's 1999. But for an Xbox game getting good reviews we get you guys banging on the ceiling with a broom telling us to keep it down.

Ashby_JC2589d ago

Seems to me he did not rub anything in anyones face. He big upped SSOD great reviews.

I didnt see anything regarding sony or the PS4. Maybe its YOU who need to take those glasses off so you can see clearer.

Kingdomcome2472589d ago

@Gangsta_red- Lol
OT:Really good scores thus far.

Dewitt2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Oreo grow up, people are allowed to be excited about exclusives for their console. There is absolutely no need for you to post this, just ignore and move on.

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smellslikeralph2589d ago

Your about to be stoned to death for saying this on n4station. You realize this site and community hates xbox.

True_Samurai2589d ago

I picked mines up early from best buy.. I love it

Lol at those disagrees

Trekster_Gamer2589d ago

Disagrees with you a trolling Jealous sony fanboys!

CernaML2589d ago

Thats funny. The Resistance and R&C games scored higher but I can imagine you and your gang had an opposite effect on them. :)

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2589d ago
Starbucks_Fan2589d ago

Glad to see a AAA game do well. We've had enough disappointing games lately...

Software_Lover2589d ago

Man I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow morning. I would stay up and play at midnight. Oh well. I'll just play for about an hour tomorrow night and get my fix.

iluvmaPS32589d ago

Now on to talking about ratchet and clank!

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