Kingdoms of Amalur Developer Big Huge Games Returns With 'DomiNations'

After the debacle that was Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, many thought that developer Big Huge Games would never return

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KrisButtar1505d ago

What ever happened to there IP Kingdoms of Amalur?

This game looks like age of empires.

lashes2ashes1505d ago

You been living under a rock? Lol. It's owned by the state of Rhode Island after 38 studios imploded.

1505d ago
lashes2ashes1505d ago

They did try and sell it and no one wanted it. Im pretty sure Rhode Island wanted something like twice its actual value.

KrisButtar1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I knew they had it a while back but thought it was sold by now.

"They did try and sell it and no one wanted it. Im pretty sure Rhode Island wanted something like twice its actual value."

Since they couldn't sell it at that value what happens to it now. Is it gone for good? You figure they would want/take any offer they could get because its not like they are going to be using the IP. Getting some cash is better than none.

GameSpawn1504d ago

I've always said the state of Rhode Island was always the primary reason for 38's closure. Shilling put everything into that company and Rhode Island almost quite literally threw him in the gutter. It was a bull situation that never should have happened.

Yes, they could have not been so ambitious to begin work on an MMO project (which always requires a retarded level of investment), but Rhode Island could have also been a little more lenient on the payback of their loan (they technically called in the loan's payback earlier than expected).

I seriously feel sorry for everyone involved in 38's closure. Amalur was a damn good game and a rare time in history where you have the perfect gathering of unique talent creating something truly wonderful.

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Spenok1504d ago

Yeah Rhode Island wanted some ridiculous asking price that no one was willing to pay. Which is a huge shame considering the game was awesome, and had/had so much potential for future installments. I'm hoping they eventually sell it so it can have a future.

3-4-51504d ago

Is this a legit RTS game..or supposed to be ?

I like the art style..

stormswrath1505d ago

I love kingdoms of amalur. I hope somewhere down the road we get another one. Not likely to happen though.