1080p Debate Is A "Weird Echo Chamber," Far Cry Dev Says

Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson is not interested what a game's resolution is--1080p or otherwise--so long as what he's playing is fun and feels new. Fresh and unique experiences sell games, not necessarily 1080p resolution, he says in a new interview with Total Xbox.

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vishmarx1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

you know its funny how not a single person at ubisoft cares about performance( which is evident btw) and really wants to stay away from the fuss but end up causing the most outrage through their weekly bs statements

" Fresh and unique experiences sell games, not necessarily 1080p resolution"

too bad youre not great at that either.
most previews of fc4 make it look like fc 3.5(even though im still getting it , it seems true),
and then theres assassins creed number 9 ,in less than 9 years.
as fresh and unique as the cod of action games

blood dragon is the best thing ubisoft has made since warrior within.and its sad that nothing but dlc while prince of persia is dead

Lulz_Boat1549d ago

1080p SHOULD improve the experiences.... unless choppy framerate is the result.

1549d ago
BitbyDeath1549d ago

Wii U can do fun games at 1080p, why should Xbox struggle?

GameNameFame1549d ago

What do you lose for having 1080P.

Also, better hardware dont just mean more resolution,

It means crap ton more.

LamerTamer1549d ago


Resolution does make a difference for some. It just looks better. It matches the native res of the TV 1:1 so it looks sharper with less aliasing, pixel crawl and fuzziness from an upscale filter that is not needed at 1080p.

I notice a difference and Watchdogs at 900p was noticeably more jaggie than a game at 1080p.

Is 1080p the end al be all that makes bad games good? No. Is it something that makes good games look better? Yes.

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shloobmm31549d ago

Far Cry 3.5 or not does it really matter? Because last I checked Far Cry 3 was an outstanding game.

Genuine-User1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I disagree with your last point
Splinter cell blacklist, Rayman Origins/Legends and Child of light were really good games in my opinion

nicksetzer11549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

It really amazes me how defensive and on the ropes people get when people say resolution is not that big of a deal. (Hint: it isn't) Suddenly ubisoft is now incompetant and makes terrible games, rather than people just admitting 1080p vs 1080p upscaled from 900p is not that huge a difference. There are SOOO many other components to
1. Image quality as a whole. (Aliasing, textures, lighting, shading, etc)
2. The rest of a game as a whole (AI, scale, story, etc)

Reminds of last gen when all the devs "were just lazy" and made terrible games if they weren't equal on a certain platform.

People need to really get over themselves, as long as a game looks good (which does not require 1080p to happen) and is fun who freaking cares? I will take a game that catered to making sure it is as in depth as possible,at the cost of 1080p, any day. Especially, over a dev who puts out a turd of a game in 1080p.

Xb1ps41549d ago

It amazes me as we'll... The only thing that can ruin a game IMO is the fps, i dont want no screen tearing like in titanfall or jittering..

user56695101549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I agree with , but they do make average games. That's why I pass on most of them. I wouldn't say theyre incompetent because the was working with nvidia in the last couple of years implementing their new gfx features in a ton of their games. Even with the locked features of pc version of watch dogs they are good devs on Ubisoft. It's just they need to move on. Last Ubisoft game I brought before watch dogs was assassin creed 2. I heard their small devs are great but the ones putting out constant rehashes is killing me.

But most publishers are like this because even when the devs and fans are tired and know its suffering because its being milked dumb people keep buying it. This is where steam sales shine at. If hardly no one buys ac like 9 but buys it when its like 30 and below, what do that tell devs. Your rehashes is priced too high do something new already. This is getting old.

MAULxx1549d ago

I'll be hoping for a Far Cry 4 Blood Dragon.

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lifeisgamesok1549d ago

Gameplay, art direction, creative vision, innovation, fun factor are way more important than resolution

Some devs are making mediocre games this gen just to checkmark that 1080p box

It's terrible

ThatOneGuyThere1549d ago

"Some devs are making mediocre games this gen just to checkmark that 1080p box " is there ANY indication that this statement is true? Why would someone sacrifice fun for 1080? Is it more fun to play a game in 900p? Explain your logic. Please.


This is one of my biggest fears with this generation. I don't know if any devs have actually done this for sure, but I can see it happening, and here is why.

Sony and its fanboys (not sony fans) have changed the conversation from actual games, to resolution. When its so bad that "gaming journalist" aren't asking devs about whats in their game but want to talk about resolution instead, it becomes a problem.

Nowadays if a game isn't 1080p native, it receives bad press especially when its an xbox one game. Companies make these games for money...and if their game not being 1080p native means bad press which could equal less money, I can see sacrifices in actual graphics, features and textures, being made in order to get 1080p on the label.

This annoys me because the majority of people cannot see the difference, Killzone, and Ryse have proven this. If people could reeeaaally tell. Digital Foundry wouldn't exist because there would be no need for them.

gamer91549d ago

Lets rephrase then: Some mediocre games have gotten a pass by a subset of the community because they are in 1080p. And the really obvious one is that some good/great games have gotten torn down before they are even released because they did not hit 1080p. Is it possible that developers are spending extra effort to hit 1080p, effort that could be dedicated elsewhere? Is it possible that developers strip out a bit of detail to hit 1080p, detail that could help make the game more immersive? Sure these are possible.

starchild1549d ago

It probably doesn't affect gameplay as much, but what I do know is that pushing developers to make every game on consoles hit 1080p means graphics can't be pushed as hard in other areas. There is ALWAYS an inescapable trade off on consoles.

I disagree with the people that act like resolution should always be the priority. I want developers to be free to push graphics, AI, scale and gameplay mechanics even if it means targeting a lower resolution.

That said, I don't agree with those that say that resolution isn't important or that you can't even see the difference. I can easily see and appreciate the difference, but it's not what I consider to be most important.

hello121549d ago

1080p is better than 900p or 720p lets be honest, but games need to be good foremost.

I'll take a 900p game thats good and leave the game at 1080p and bad. Its similar thing really i leave a 900p game thats bad and take a 1080p game that good. Good games is were its at for me.

Too many gamers are hung up on 1080p been everything.

MRMagoo1231549d ago

Some devs are making mediocre 900p games too see Ryse for example, the res is not the issue its the foundations of the game that cause it to suck.

starchild1549d ago

Yeah, but if they would have pushed for 1080p it wouldn't have made it a better looking game. It would have been the same game with inferior graphics, but crisper resolution.

Part of the reason Ryse is so amazing-looking is because they didn't constrain themselves by an arbitrary adherence to 1080p. They made smart decisions about where to spend the rendering budget.

LamerTamer1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I doubt devs make crap games just to do 1080p. That just sounds dumb. Devs are making crap games because they were trying to rush something out to have something soon to sell in the new consoles life. It takes a long time for those other things you mention and if every game was a fantastic work of art we would probably have like 5 games right now.

Infamous for example was decent but was short. They needed an exclusive game or everyone would moan about "no games". So they released what they had when they did which was "good" rather than wait until 2015 and have something great.

1080p had no effect on gameplay (other than improving it as you can see distant details better and not be blobs) it is just something the game can render (or can't). Making Infamous or DriveFlub 900p wouldn't suddenly make it GOTY. You can have great games that are 1080p and garbage at 792p.

TheBrownBandito1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

"1080p had no effect on gameplay (other than improving it as you can see distant details better and not be blobs)"

I'm not sure this is what you meant to say, but it is actually the whole point.

That crisp draw distance is what made Infamous so good to play, seeing enemies on the rooftops in the distance, not simply relying on the map and then getting seen first. I'm pretty sure the imminent GTAV for next gen will prove to be much more immersive too.

TLOU re mastered categorically proves that you can have 1080p without sacrificing textures and graphical tricks with hair etc.

I wonder how many people who make comments such as "the graphics have been downgraded on release" were actually watching demos on their mobile phones/tablets.

Then when it finally hits their big screen....

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Torque_CS_Lewith1549d ago

It's cool Ubisoft. Concentrate on making gameplay and content king. Recent games have shown us that a half baked turd in 1080p is just a shiny half baked turd...we want full-baked
baked turds!

No wait!!

Yes I am looking at you

ThatOneGuyThere1549d ago

Why can't it be both? Why can't we demand new experiences in 1080? Are you meaning to suggest that a game's resolution defines its ability to be fun? Only games at a low resolution are fun? Or somehow, when developing a game, you either sprinkle in fun, or sprinkle in resolution? Not both? I wonder when people will just realize that 1 system has a lot more graphical abilities than the other ones(40% on the GPU), and that if they make a cross-platform game, it SHOULD run better on one of them? Don't PC fans get upset when their games are limited because of "console peasants"? Why should PS4 users take the shaft and like it too?

Team_Litt1549d ago

It can be both. But the focus should be gameplay and content first and then get the game to the best possible resolution.
Nobody is saying they have to make the games 900p, but if something NEEDS to be sacrificed (when you are dealing with limited resources) then concessions must be made and gameplay/content should never be it if there is an alternative.

All we are saying is if making a game 900p instead of 1080p means more time and resources making the game play great and it be filled to the brim then go ahead Ubisoft.

For all those who would rather not sacrifice those wonderful pixels then games like DriveClub with its lack of content and junky AI are right up your alley. Enjoy.

gangsta_red1549d ago

How are those 1080p games working out for you so far? Everyone keeps talking about parity is killing their system but so far dang near every game in 1080p has been mediocre. Destiny, Driveclub, Killzone, most people say Infamous SS is no where near as great as it's previous titles.

So what we are seeing is beautiful mediocrity in glorious 1080p.

And yet you guys are more concerned about how the Xbox One will effect your multiplat games when even your own exclusives aren't living up to your hype. So who do we blame for that?

Why accept one shaft but then be mad at the other? One shaft feels better? It's all fake concern as most pretend it matters for the sake of waving their favorite console banner in this console battlefield.

Spotie1549d ago

Because any time anyone says anything about graphics, it means that's the only thing they care about./s

starchild1549d ago

Yes, games should look or run better on more powerful hardware. But resolution is just one element out of many that can be improved with more powerful graphics hardware.

I don't understand this obsession with resolution and the attitude that extra graphics performance must always be spent on resolution above all other aspects of the game.

I guess a number like that is just easier for fanboys to argue about.

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yarbie10001549d ago

Gameplay > Story > FPS > Graphics > Resolution

In that order for me

Forn1549d ago

Could be more categories in there, like substance or artistic style, etc.

DragoonsScaleLegends1549d ago

But there is no reason why a game can't have all of them.

MRMagoo1231549d ago

exactly, some of the guys in here seem to think a game can only be good if its not 1080p yet there are a few games on Xbone that arent close to 1080p and still suck, Like I said above 900p didnt make Ryse a good game, lowering it to 720p wouldnt have made it less boring.

If you start with a crap game lowering the res wont help.

Torque_CS_Lewith1549d ago

There is plenty of reason. Most of them have to do with limitations in resources and time and also your specific vision for your game.

Lets not be silly children here. We all know that consoles have limitations to their capabilities. If a dev wants to achieve a certain level of content and gameplay but cannot do so without sacrificing resolution then it is his/her prerogative how he/she proceeds.

Yes, lowering a game's resolution does not automatically make the game great, that's just moronic. Conversely, making a game devoid in character and content because you spent your resources and time putting 1080p before all else is how husk-like games like DriveClub are born. More time could have been spent either upping the frame rate or adding more content into DC but they chose the visuals over all else approach and it was to their detriment in the end.

Reducing a game's resolution may not be a magical elixir for a bad game but IF doing so CAN IMPROVE the overall experience then what the heck are we b****in' about?

Some guys here seem to think that a game is automatically great if it is 1080p yet DC, Destiny, Knack and others are all 1080p and still suck.
If you start with a game devoid of content, making it 1080p just means the lack in content is just easier to see. (Cause its in HD)

gamer91549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I don't think people are disagreeing that you can have it all. And when you do have it all it's a truly great game. The point is that there are more articles about resolution than gameplay. We are spreading the wrong message as gamers. Games are getting hyped due to resolution without knowing how it plays, and games are getting "pre-order cancelled" because they failed to hit 1080p. Some people are making resolution the #1 reason for buying or not buying a game, its very obvious on this site.

SpiralTear1549d ago

Look, I honestly don't care if it's 1080p, 900p, 30fps, 60fps...I don't care. What I DO care about is how that fact is announced. If you honestly can't make the game a certain resolution or frame rate, just say that you can't do it. Don't make the stupid parity argument or "cinematic" excuse. Just tell us the truth.

Be honest and try again next time instead of hyping everything up sky high, then making excuses as you crash back down to earth.

Pandamobile1549d ago

Telling the truth in the games industry is a huge no-no.

ThinkThink1549d ago

The fact that it even needs to be announced is what's sad and to be fair, it's not often the publisher/developer is running the hype train. That's the media.

BX811549d ago

Agreed. I don't care either as long as the gameplay is smooth, the story is fun and it doesn't look like minecraft (lol). I also agree with the devs shouldn't open up and say it will be this or that unless they're 100%.

solar1549d ago

Sony and MS did the same by telling us how "powerful" next gen consoles were to get them into consumers hands. i knew it was a bill of goods, but the majority wouldnt believe the techies who screamed from the rooftops this is a .5 jump in generation.

i know the PS4 and XB1 are no where near as powerful as my PC, but i dont proclaim they are as powerful. they are what they are. i accept it, dont know why fanboys have to pretend they are.

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