Paris GDC: The Rob Pardo Experience

Gamasutra have sat down to talk with Rob Pardo, Senior VP of Game Design at Blizzard. He talks about how his university work in criminology and how it helps designing games as well as the history of StarCraft II and World of WarCraft.

"So, how about community? World Of Warcraft has created a massive, vibrant one. How do you do it? Pardo noted: "The first step is to really have a great game, which isn't necessarily what anybody wants to hear. There's been a lot of talks at GDC about using web tools, and Facebook and MySpace and all these things."

"All those things are great, but ultimately you have to make a great game. I think that if you hire all these people, and try to do all these marketing things to draw people in, ultimately that will draw time away from making that game. But if you make a great game, there are things you can do afterwards to support a community.""

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