Koei On Top In Subdued Japanese Charts

The launch of the PlayStation 3 has continued to have no appreciable effect on the Japanese game charts, with another week of below average sales across the board.

Although an additional 42,099 hardware units of the PS3 were sold, despite continued shortages, the highest ranking PlayStation 3 software title was Ridge Racer 7 at number sixteen, with less than 19,000 unit sales.

The highest selling title of the week was Koei's strategic spin-off to Sengoku Musou 2 (aka Samurai Warriors 2), which performed well for a stand alone expansion, but charted less than the 100,000 units usually expected of a number one title. Technically, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl exceeded Koei's figure, with a lifetime-to-date total now in excess of 3 million units, but the two versions of the game are counted as separate titles in the Media Create charts.

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Balance4344d ago

what will be interesting is to see if the 360s japaneese rpg and other japan targeted games increase console sales when they come out.

btw- the picture for this article has to be one of the funniest i have seen on this site.

Boink4344d ago

judging by the interest in blue dragon, it should.

TheXgamerLive4343d ago

ps3 is showing to be quite a slow mover in Japan according to it's lackluster game sales.

The Xbox 360 on the otherhand is continuing to show more growth each qtr. Given it's eventual major sales of Blue Dragon, I'd say it will eventually be number 1 or 2 in Japan. MS is on the right track for Japanese gamers.

MicroGamer4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

give Japanese gamers a good reason to jump to 360. I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but the character art is done by Akira Toriyama, the same artist who created Dragonball and did the art for Chrono-Trigger. I do find it interesting, though, that game sales remained flat, even in the wake of the PS3 launch. Either Sony sold even less PS3's than we are led to believe, or the first round of games are real stinkers. I would have thought the fanboys over there would have bought up every game on the shelves.

InMyOpinion4342d ago

This article proves my point yet again, japanese gamers are retards...