Rumor 101: Metal Gear Movie to be CG Generated?

The recent buzz in the industry is that the upcoming Metal Gear movie is going to star Christian Bale but grapevine suggest otherwise for they say this movie is planning out to be fully computer generated with live voice actors and is presumably going to be a remake of the very first Metal Gear released on the MSX, which introduces Solid Snake as the main protagonist for the long running series.

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Fishy Fingers4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Id love to see it go down the CGI route. We get Snake as we know him, David Hayter undoubtedly would voice the part. Also, the creater/writers could allow their imagination to run wild.

I imagine the prospect of a CGI movie would also get Kojima much more involved.

Yep, thinking about it, Id prefer CGI, I think that way, there's less chance of a "c0ck up" or two.

The Wood4748d ago

cg or anime foe me. I dont think live action would do it for me unless they used similar methods to Sin city or Beowulf

Maldread4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Yeah, i`m with you on that. Hope they get a good director though, because a MGS movie will be hard to make. I would hate to see a Resident Evil kind of take on it, even though the story in RE isn`t as good as MGS either.

I hope they start with MGS1 (which i`m sure they will too), since it`s my favorite one so far. Havn`t completed MGS4 yet, so maybe that will turn out to be favorite in the end (even though i`m a bit disappointed with MGS4 story wise so far, so i don`t think so, but maybe it will pick up at the end).

Chris Bosh4748d ago


Statix4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

I would be very happy if this is true. I think a CG movie would stick closer and more faithfully to the MGS games. A live-action film would water it down, change it too much, and "Westernize" it in a conventional Hollywood sense so that it would be more palatable for American audiences.

It also makes sense that Christian Bale were a voice actor, especially considering he's done (anime) animation voicework before (Howl's Moving Castle).

ThanatosDMC4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

David Hayter FTW!!! Guyver anyone?

I hope they make the movie long. I would watch it several times...

LastDance4747d ago

sounds good to me! love to see MGS3 movie.

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sonarus4748d ago


Hagaf224748d ago

exactly i am playing through the cg video version right now, its call mgs4.

PSMonster214748d ago

^^^ Aren't you a funny guy.

Panthers4748d ago

He's right. I would love live action if they can get the characters right. If the movie is live action, then I hope they dont create a new story. Just do Shadow Moses. MGS1.

When they turn books into movies, they dont change the story, they nearly copy the book word for word. (LoTR as an example) So, why do they always change it in games? Just change a little so it would work as a movie. I was so mad when I saw how different Resident Evil was.

sonarus4748d ago

MGS movie can only really work as a trilogy. They can just do shadow moses as well as MGS1 2 and 4

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DJ4748d ago

Actually, I'm hoping that if they do, that the film ends up looking like MGS4. It would probably save them a lot of money to just do everything on the MGS4 engine.

Pain4747d ago

id like it more if it was.

PirateThom4748d ago

If they're remaking the MSX game as a movie... why not just remake the game instead?

riqued4748d ago

Yes! Please do it! David Hayter as Snake!

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