RPGFan: Valkyria Chronicles Review - 88%

RPGFan writes:

"I don't usually get games without knowing a lot about them before they come out, but I'm glad I made an exception this time. Valkyria is not what you'd expect; it does not immediately fall into any one genre. The mix of turn-based strategy, character management and first-person shooting action is appealing to gamers, such as myself, who enjoy a variety of games and are sick of seeing RPGs do the same exact things with gameplay and mechanics. If you're a fan of WWII style weaponry and combat and dig a more action-oriented strategy game with an anime style, Valkyria is just the ticket."

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meepmoopmeep4740d ago

first day buy for me. i need me some jrpg's on my ps3.

[email protected]4740d ago

Same three here. I know... I'm a mess sometimes ^__^