Dragon Age II Retrospective

Just weeks ahead of the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Trent from takes a look at the previous entry in the DA series.

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andrewsimons2465d ago

Hope it will be a great game

edgarohickman2465d ago

Game is already available.

annoyedgamer2464d ago

Between you and the other kids below the comments are disturbing, Either the majority of are illiterate or are all lovers of a universal hated game all in one place? Coincidence? Doubt it.

Tom872465d ago

Can't wait to get my hand on this game :)

DoctorJones2464d ago

It's in the shops and on digital stores as we speak. You can probably get it really cheap as it wasn't received well.

If you're talking about Dragon Age 3, well that's not what this article is about and you could do with going to Specsavers.

Sketchy_Galore2465d ago

I should probably be ashamed to say this but I just bought this game recently since it was cheap and I wanted to catch up on the story before Inquisition and... I'm really liking it. I've almost finished it and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. It's no Origins of course and is not for anyone who plays to test their battle strategy or manage loot and stats but for a guy like me who's more interested in experiencing and personalising my own story I've really enjoyed it.

The only major downside is I've played as an elemental Mage which seems far better than playing as any other class I've played as in a Dragon Age game. Which sort of means for Inquisition I can go back to playing as a less enjoyable class or build another Mage and risk getting burned out on doing the same thing I did in the last game.

Sly-Lupin2464d ago

I liked it too, though it had some problems. The lack of playable space was a huge problem, and the ending was a mess--your choices don't matter because they force a false equivalency into the narrative so that, no matter what side you choose, you get to fight the same bosses as you would on the other side.

It was that last bit that really killed the game for me. Some people also dislike the more action oriented combat, but I enjoyed it. I much prefer competent action gameplay over shoddy tactical play.

Anon19742464d ago

Never understood the hate this game received. At the core, DAII was a serviceable RPG with a lot of fun to be had. I think it's biggest problem is that it wasn't Origins. Origins was a superior title and while I was playing DAII I couldn't help but pick apart the ways it wasn't the first game. Had I played DAII without having played Origins I probably would have had a much better time with it.

R6ex2464d ago

I enjoyed it almost as much as Origins.

Roccetarius2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Dragon Age: Kirkwall had plenty of issues going for it, pushing itself even further away from Bioware's legacy with tactical play. I would say the only character likeable in the game, is Varric.

Especially Anders was messed up, considering they had to push him as a certain orientation compared to Origins. It's almost like completely different writers were in charge.

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