Latest Mario Kart 8 DLC screenshots

Nintendo released new screenshots from the Mario Kart 8 DLC.

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Applejack2167d ago

I completely forgot about the MK8 DLC and the first thing I see is a remake of one of my favorite double dash tracks!

Starbucks_Fan2167d ago

I wish we didn't have to wait till May for some of the DLC :/

Kevlar0092167d ago

Greatness Awaits. Can't wait for the DLC in Nov, get to learn and play on some new tracks.

Tom872167d ago

Wow, those screenshots look amazing.

RosweeSon2167d ago

Pre paid for mine the other day (mainly so I get my premium account discounts/money back before it runs out at the end of the year) but yeah looks about as fantastic as the game itself.

SkippyPaccino2166d ago

Bought a Wii U 3 weeks ago, also purchased Mario kart 8 and after one weekend decided to purchase both DLC. Now I wait...

I'm loving it, first Mario kart I play since the n64 (to be fair I've only played the original and the n64 version

Big_Game_Hunters2166d ago

I heard Bayonetta 2 is pretty good

SkippyPaccino2166d ago

I'm not a twitch action fighting game type of guy, but I'll most likely check out the demo to see first. I bought the Wii U to have something to play with my kids and wife. it's been a success. (even if my kids are horrible at video games... Lol! Practice makes perfect)

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