Top 10 Games That Put Me in the Halloween Spirit

A quick top ten list of some games that aren't necessarily Halloween or horror but work great at setting the festive, spooky mood.

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scark921485d ago

Cannot think of any game better for just an occasion!

DragoonsScaleLegends1485d ago

I could it's called MediEvil for PS4! I wish...

NukaCola1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Evil Dead Regeneration for Xbox/PS2 was such a good game. I'd love another Ash adventure like it.

WeAreLegion1485d ago

Very good list! I'd suggest every game in it to everyone.

Imalwaysright1485d ago

Grim Fandango and while its not the whole game Halloween town from Kingdom Hearts.

Muzikguy1485d ago

That was my favorite level in the game :)

supermintendo1485d ago

if i would have done a top 20 or perhaps even 15 i definitely would have included both those, as well as more, especially oogie's revenge. halloween town is definitely my favorite level too.

Muzikguy1485d ago

That's a good list. It's missing quite a few games though IMO. Zombies ate my neighbors was so fun!!

supermintendo1485d ago

thanks! and i know there's a ton i wanted to add, but it would have made the list so darn long!

Solid_Penguin-641484d ago

Undead Nightmare is always a blast to play through, remember saving it for halloween the year it came out (think it actually came out in the same month if memory serves correct). Running away from hordes and occasionally turning around to swing the torch.

"Back you devils!"

Ah good times.

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