God Of War III to be shown at E3

From the bable fish transaltion: "Sony Computer Entertainment disclosed, throughout the Interactive event and Digital Entertainment Festival that is to elapse in Paris, that God Of War III goes to be presented in the E3.

The company did not want to give many details, but probably, no longer next month to July, we will go to know the first details and to see the first trailer of so waited game."

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AznSniper4744d ago

I just see a God of War III teaser happening at E3.

fishd4744d ago

Now what about TEAM ICO GAME,I want that too!!

sonarus4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

God of War 3 will be a flop. PS3 produces flops. Santa Monica shall quit and join the rare team so they can produce classics like viva pinyata lolz.

2 bubbles gone, this fanboy of the week is tough stuff. This better be worth it. (yes i am trying to contain my GOW excitement in the name of an award)

Megaton4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

If the speculation is accurate, and March 2009 is the release date, I think they'll show a full trailer.

So excited for whatever info they show.

solidt124744d ago

I did think we would see this game at E3 until 2009. Sweet...

solidt124744d ago

Didn't we already get a teaser? This might be a real trailer if the game is due in March of 09.

m91058264744d ago

Sonarus you're hysterical. Bubbles up!

NO_PUDding4744d ago

Oh comon, this before Team ICO!?

I want ICO3 teaser trailer!!! Atleast, all we have so far is a teaser screenshot!

meepmoopmeep4744d ago

add the Team ICO project(s) as a trailer along with GOW3 & FFXIII (both already announced)

that just stole the E3 show for me already

sonarus4744d ago

Team ico is coming to 360 and it will be AWESOME. Seriously, their game is the only game that can hype to that MGS level

meepmoopmeep4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

lol, damn you sonarus! :D

i don't know whether to give you a bubble or take one away.
which way are you aiming for?
this award goal has me confused!

sonarus4744d ago

I'm a fanboy on all sides that way i can get the award faster :D

MikeGdaGod4744d ago

i can't wait to see how this will look on the ps3.

"Hey Kobe, tell me how my @ss taste!"

Homicide4744d ago

Sony won E3. I hope they continue the trend and release it on March. Every God of War game came out on March.

season0074744d ago

sonarus, a lot of confusion =)

Cartesian3D4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

LMAO.. bubble for the laugh mate ... lol

and lol at disagrees.. some people here just read the first word then click on sth(topics,bubbles + or - ,disagree.. )

read the damn comment, think about it(really unnecessary lol for that obvious sarcasm comment) then click

sunnygrg4744d ago

So many disagrees when trying to be fanboy of the week. Bubbles up for you, cause soon you will be left with only one.

Back to topic, God of War 3 teaser will be heck of a bonecrusher. I can sense the bots crying, cause it will be 100 times massive than their Queers of War.

rexor07174744d ago

and in the KZ article, they talk about GOW so i bet they are far along if KZ is borrowing stuff from them. THIS YEAR???

ryuyasho4744d ago

true, i'll sh!t blood. Focking AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Bubble Buddy4743d ago

:D no words needed except for these explaining it.

The Dark Knight4743d ago


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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ericnellie4744d ago

Having all 3 consoles...I still wasn't really looking forward to E3 but now when you look at games like Final Fantasy XIII, Killzone 2, and now God of War III - the excitement is finally starting to mount!!

Condoleezza Rice4744d ago

This game,FF13,and KillZone 2,are the definition of Epic!

With GOW 3 set to make an appearance,my oh my,gamers are possibly in for one of the best E3 Keynotes in history!

Hagaf224744d ago

e3 will show us a teaser that will have us sooo hyped up... for holiday season 09!

Silogon4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Basically it will consist of highly orchestrated music and the roman numbers equaling III and then coming 2009. That's what this trailer will show. Bet me.

Edit to below:

I don't hate Sony. Read my comments here. Click my name, look at my posting history. Tell me I hate Sony. I'm a realist and I think the trailer will play out just like I said. Nothing against Sony, but that's the truth. Why sugar coat something that isn't true? Why do thaT? Why make something seem better than it is when it isn't? That isn't hating Sony or bashing them, it's just being realistic.

SI7VER4744d ago

I've noticed that many of your posts have the appearance that your in a rush to either bash or downplay Sony and the PS3. You don't like Sony, we get it! I've got a solution for you...
X360 posts are that way ---->


kingme714744d ago

I think the preview will have some meat to it. Every GoW game has come out in March even the handheld. I imagine they will uphold or are trying to uphold this tradition. If that is the case, they should have some substantial gameplay in the can already.

Nykamari4744d ago

I believe you will see some gameplay check out the detail in Kratos' face

CBaoth4744d ago

LOL and I guess there's a first for everything! And I agree w/ King that GoW skus release in March. And Sony does like to show off 1st party IPs obscenely early in the dev process. Therefore, I think E3 will show a brief teaser and the game will release March of 2010. Why? IMO although GoW3 and KZ2 are different genres, I seriously doubt Sony releases two of their biggest IPs within 30 days of each other. And with LBP, Socom, R2, WipeoutHD, Siren, and KZ2 all shipping before March, Sony has alot on its plate already.

dachiefsman4744d ago

thanks for the video....

I loved one and two, hopefully three is just as good or better!

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-Maverick-4744d ago

O man!!! Kratos is gonna bring it.

I wonder if they'll show the new PS3 Rockstar IP? ff 13? I think we'll see some really cool Killzone multiplayer footage. REALLY COOL.

Heavy Rain?

PS3 is gonna own again.

Condoleezza Rice4744d ago

GOD III alone has the chance of being the best game of E3 2008.

Atomic4744d ago

Killzone 2! watch out!

joevfx4744d ago

you guys realise this game prolly isnt goin to push the graphic boundrys like killzone 2. I think they are gonna use the power of the PS3 for other things like physics, having tons of enemys on screen at once and animation. yes the graphics are gonna be miles ahead of god of war 2 but i think they are gonna concentrait on other thigns that would benefit a hack n slash game more.

Silogon4744d ago

With the recent downer news of Sony's ps3 outlook, they better have the best E3 in history to win back the crowds. All I can say.

AznSniper4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

God of War III being present at E3 should be a start. Now if they have Square Enix come to their conference, that could help too if they debut a FFXIII trailer with at least some gameplay in it. I don't see a good chance in this happening, but another thing that could help is that EA and Crytek come to the Sony conference and announce Crysis for PS3 that comes with a mod editor.

wolfehound224744d ago

what are you talking about.What was the downer news.

KillahCam4744d ago

I don't think they lost the crowd the crowd is just growing and growing as more great titles like this are upon us.

-Maverick-4744d ago

Siligon = Lightning PS3 (the troll)

Bazookajoe_834744d ago

Hmmm, ive been gone from N4G for awhile. What has Sony "or do you mean ps3" have had for downers?

okcomputer4744d ago

I agree w/ silogon (also, for once) those "teaser" trailers are just that, huge teases. It'll just be the gow theme, maybe a high res close up cgi shot of kratos (if that) with the three roman numerals and a vague non-specific date like "spring of 2009" so they can push it back if need be. Similar to that first dark knight teaser trailer where it was just voices and a joker card with nothing else.

Its not that I'm not looking forward to god3, it'll be a day one buy for me, but I don't expect anything from teaser trailers.

Veryangryxbot4744d ago

what the fk you talking about.

FF13 is already confirmed for E3 2008! Welcome to last month, kid. Holy shiat, try getting up to date with the facts first before speaking about stuff you have no clue about!

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