Hackers Discover PS4 webkit Exploit on fw 1.76

Developers nas and proxima have extended the recently released Vita Webkit exploit, and made it compatible with the latest PS4 firmware, firwmare 1.76

CARROT1809943265d ago

bit useless with 2.0 coming out tuesday

rodiabloalmeida3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Far from useless. Also, 2.0 will be probably delayed after this (it should).

Silly gameAr3265d ago

Oh boy. I'm sure everyone is going to love that. Got to love hakers hey?

rydako3264d ago

Unlikely any delay will come from this as 2.0 was always going to bring the PS4's webkit up to speed with the PS3/Vita. Sony don't have to patch anything here, as the exploit used has long been patched in later Webkit versions

Volkama3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

@rydako ah that's good, and probably explains why the hackers made this public at this point before it really does anything interesting.

I suppose a small community will opt not to update firmware 2.0 so they can do some weird stuff later. For fun rather than malice.

ChickeyCantor3264d ago

"Oh boy. I'm sure everyone is going to love that. Got to love hakers hey?"

Why do most of you see it as a bad thing? Any system flaw they find, Sony can improve/fix. Software isn't tested like "hackers" dissemble them.

Same with Bank systems. I want someone to come forward and say "this system is broken". Not every "hackers" is out to ruin a company, it's mostly for learning purpose anyways.

Christopher3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Uh... why delay something that requires you to visit a specific Website in order to be exploited? All you have to do is not browser to extremely suspicious links to be safe from this... Not like anyone is going to be doing anything with this other than running contained code that still won't have any access to PSN or other services on your PS4.

Note: this doesn't give access to credentialing, only to run an unsigned program on your PS4. It would be like being worried over the fact that someone found a way to watch mkv files on their PS4...

bouzebbal3264d ago

no hacking of consoles since PSP. not being able to use online features of PS4 makes it no better than a PS2.
it made sense on PS2 PS1 Wii but definitely not anymore.

ashcroft3264d ago


You clearly don't understand this exploit, this can compromise the system's kernel. It could eventually lead to something bigger. This webkit exploit is not aimed at the normal user, it's aimed at developers who can make something out of it for the end user.

If they can get access to the kernel with this exploit, they can dump it and look for a bigger exploit, maybe something like custom firmware.


It makes more sense now than it did before. It's not just about piracy, it's about having access to everything.

Remember, the PS4 is based on x86 architecture now, everything from the PC side which is open source can be ported to the ps4 very easily.

Every single emulator available,
Popcorn time. (Free netflix)

With the PS4's ram and power, it makes much more sense than ever.

Ezz20133264d ago

It's only a matter of time before we see Xbox one/ps4/Wiiu(if hakers cares) get hacked
just like every other console before .

The best thing we hope for is that Sony and Microsoft can keep fight them with updates etc.

MarkusMcNugen3264d ago


Popcorn Time is not free netflix. It's still illegally downloading movies and tv shows through torrents. It just downloads the pieces sequentially and streams them instead of downloading the pieces out of order and having to wait for all of them to finish downloading.

Better get yourself a VPN if you don't already have one.

MajorGecko3264d ago

what if you already pay for those shows on cable and want to download them so you can view them without getting commerials shoved down your throat?

MarkusMcNugen3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

To all those that disagreed with me, look it up. Popcorn Time is a torrent client.

"Popcorn Time streams movies and TV shows from torrents"

Quoted straight from the popcorn time website. It doesn't matter if it's streaming through UDP or downloading through TCP, it's still illegal. VPNs are the best way to torrent without getting copyright notices.

Doesn't matter. It's still illegal. I dont write the laws. I'm not preaching anything here, in fact I suggested using a VPN so people torrenting are at least somewhat safe about it.

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Consoldtobots3264d ago

if they ever catch these hackers I would be all for prosecution under Iranian law. Let's see them try to ruin things for other people with no hands.

Consoldtobots3264d ago

these are the same turds that send remote shutdown commands to your PS3 when you owning them in a 1v1 match. they are a scourge on gaming that needs to be dealt with. go ahead and disagree with the truth.

AndrewLB3264d ago

There must be a lot of people in Iran without hands considering how prevalent the hacking community is in Iran. Oh wait... they spend most of their time imprisoning Christians and other religious minorities, hanging gays from construction cranes, and financing terrorism around the globe. Not to mention their race to develop a nuclear weapon.
They'll get what's coming to them as soon as we get a president with balls.
And FYI... i'm speaking of the Iranian Islamo-Fascist Government. NOT the Iranian people who I actually like and know quite a few of.

solid_snake36563264d ago

@AndrewLB lol you gullible sheep believe everything don't you? Turn off the television, put the koolade away, and please do some research.

elnacho3264d ago

Consoldtobots you're confusing the hackers who find the vulnerabilities with people who cheat online, those are 2 different groups of people

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3264d ago
Magicite3264d ago

does this mean pirated games?

RedstonerMC3262d ago

In the far future. The very far future

TekKing3264d ago

The only thing useless is the 2.0 update itself. I mean a USB music player? LOL! I had this update ever since I could play music from my computer/raido/etc while I play games.

I'm glad I'm learning about this before the 2.0 update so now there is less of a reason to update.

MajorGecko3263d ago

that notice things are ridiculous ALL my tv shows are torrented (I cant stand commercials) and I see thousands of people downloading episodes and i never see anyone talking about notice's in the comments.

I have never received a notice and shouldn't because i already pay for cable and have hbo streaming on my tv and such I just enjoy watching stuff on my tablet.

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riddle433264d ago

this is just more of the world finding how it works and how we the gamer's/hacker's can make it better.

nX3264d ago

I'll gladly do without it, these guys do nothing except for creating problems.

Antifan3264d ago

It will only prompt Sony to exclude features, limit the system even more through updates. The hackers don't suffer, but everyone that isn't a hacker does.
Hackers ruins shit for everyone.

DJ-DK7863264d ago

Not all the time. Hackers also help companies improve their products. It's the bad ones that we gotta look out for.

AndrewLB3264d ago

Yea... hackers sure destroyed the Playstation 2, which last I checked was the most successful console in modern history. Same goes for PSP which last I checked did FAR FAR better than that POS VITA which has crap support and games.

wsoutlaw873264d ago

There is no point to this s* exept people who what to cheat or do the same thing that are already done on pcs. These "hackers" waist so much of their own time with this crap its sad. They live in an imaginary world if they think anyone knows about them or cares.
@djdk people hacking to help dont post it online.
@andrew you are delusional if you think hacking had anything to do with the ps2s success.

jrshankill3264d ago

Pfft.. yeah right.. enjoy paying for PSN and having multiplayer games completely ruined with hackers and cheaters soon enough.

Captain_AP3264d ago

You guys should approve this, this is big news.

The_Zett3264d ago

This is the first actual "PS4 hack" in the wild.

This should be approved, this is a big news!