MGS5 a Prequel? Doubtful (Minor MGS4 Spoilers, Sort of)

Kombo writes:

Those of you who have played and conquered Solid Snake's latest adventure know that Kojima and co. managed to tie up the series' plot threads so tightly that not even an Eagle Scout could untie them. (That's why they have knives). Those same people -- MGS fans, not Boy Scouts -- know that MGS3 is the best game in the series (Yeah, I said it). So, following that logic, another MGS prequel only makes sense, right? Wrong. First, let's check out the quote from Ryan Payton.

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TrevorPhillips4741d ago

i hope metal gear solid 5 comes out its da best game ive played on ps3 for 2008 :)

Veryangryxbot4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

MGS3 should have gotten perfect 10s. As should MGS4.

But MGS3 definitely the best of all 4.

That being said, there is plenty of room for a prequal. A direct sequal to MGS3 is easily possible.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4741d ago

^^ yeah and what would it be about? Everything has been covered in the storyline involving Big Boss and Solid Snake. There is absolutely nothing unknown at this point. Trust me Satanas and I went through the database and the knowledge they already knew, all the plot holes we found were either something which was actually there and you had to connect the dots or just something extremely irrelevant to the story.

Btw for the ZoE fans here, if you look under terms in the Z section you will notice Zero Shift is in there.

barom4741d ago

I think Kojima could easily make a game about Raiden.

You know, how he saved Sunny and how he got kidnapped and how he got the body of Big Boss for EVA. There's lot of story there

ECKOo94741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Money! MGS series is a money maker. MGS5 may not even be made by kojima but somewhere in konami someone will make it. If a company recieves that big of sales and acceptance from one the are going to make another one. I hope its a great game and Kojima makes it. MGS4 is the best game that I have ever played and yes it's better than snake eater you r-tards.

Final verdict= New MGS5 is a yes, because of revenue.

Or they could easily remake any of the original Metal Gears. That would be so freaking amazing!

Doctor Strange4741d ago

The sequel to MGS3 is Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops.

Its going to be stuff for them to figure out where to go but I think its pretty certain that another Metal Gear game will arrive some day.

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Bartosss4741d ago

nah i hope he closes the serie now and start with something new. i think the story is done and i couldnt make a better ending for this godlike series. mgs4 really feels like its the big conclusion and a new part would break the whole conclusion even a prequel, everything should be clear now even what has happened in the past.

liquidsnake4741d ago

I agree with you. I hope that they close this up and not try to spin things too much. This has been a fantastic journey to watch Snake going through all of his missions and stuff so I really hope they end this now.

All I wish is MG1 and MG2 remakes on the MGS4 engine ;). WITH voice acting.

SickNick854741d ago

for me they developing metal gear raiden...

payton don't say that is a prequel of's a prequel of mgs4

Chris_GTR14741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

oh and they said that the next game is gonna be about the big boss and the incidents that happend after the NES version. he did start the patroits and cell organization. so im guessing its about that.

SPOILER!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!S POILER!!!!!!!
so at the end of of mgs4 the big boss shoes up , what i dont understand is why did he die? he got like a heart attack or something. you know , i felt like that big boss ending should of been only for passing it on the hardest mode. it woulda been way more rewarding.

iNcRiMiNaTi4741d ago

remember liquid dying? same thing here

meepmoopmeep4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

it was because of the new FoxDie the Patriots injected Snake with. It was targeting the Patriot founders.

Chris_GTR14741d ago


yea but its wierd because he said they made him out of solidous parts or something. cause i remember snake saying " how can you still be alive?" and he said they reconstructed his body or something.
i thought his foxdie was gonna go crazy and he was gonna start coughing(omg i cant believe its actually spelled like that. and i cant believe thats the actual first time i ever type that word) some poison into the air causing an epidemic. i didnt know it had anything to do with the founders of the patriots... i dunno but i thought it wasnt that confusing this time around , guess not lol.

meepmoopmeep4741d ago

yeah, the old FoxDie that was in Snake mutated and WAS going to transmit to everybody with no target in mind, but the new FoxDie was killing it off and was only targeting the Patriot founders. That's why Snake is going to live. But his body is still rapidly aging fast so he still will die soon.

ChrisGTR14741d ago

wouldnt it kill him then??? he is a clone of big boss after all. a patriot founder. therefore making no diffrence between them and killing him too.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4741d ago

No snake is still gonna die, Foxdie had nothing to do with his accelerated aging. The accelerated aging which is gonna kill him was predetermined when he was cloned so nobody could use him after the cloners were done with him.

tatical4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

"wouldnt it kill him then??? he is a clone of big boss after all. a patriot founder. therefore making no diffrence between them and killing him too."

No, Solid Snake is a clone of Big Boss, but his genes are different. Remember, they changed his genes for two reasons:

(1) Accelerate his aging
(2) Prevent him from reproducing

Snake isn't a 100% clone, more like a 99.999% clone. Those two little changes protected him from the new Fox Die virus.

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morganfell4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

ps3kombo are a bunch of idiots. They use that quote to disprove the sequel. The story that started said rumor was based on a quote from Payton alright, JUST NOT THAT QUOTE YOU BUNCH OF NIMWITS.

And the rumor about a prequel deals with Big Boss post MGS3, and the info was found in a quote from Payton, JUST NOT THAT QUOTE YOU BUNCH OF NIMWITS.

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