Someone's made P.T. for Xbox One in Project Spark

No, you can't play P.T, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's literally haunting demo/art installation/physiological weapon on Xbox One. You can, however, play R.T, a parody of the self-same thing made inside deceptively cutesy game-builder, Project Spark. They even made a parody of the teaser for the teaser. With Nicolas Cage for some reason.

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Neonridr3076d ago

lol, awesome that you can do all this with Project Spark.

darthv723076d ago

Impressive....most impressive.

FITgamer3076d ago

That was actually pretty awesome. "This man is an actor." lol Great parody to all the survival horror adds lately.

ABizzel13076d ago


I can't take this seriously (not in a bad way), it's too cutesy and funny of a trailer to me, with the cut to Nicholas Cage, and the random Xbox controller with completely separate footage.

Good job guys, nice to see PS living up to it's goals.

Borma3076d ago

Ha, that is pretty cool. I love the cutaways to the man, "This is an actor" lol. Good stuff. That shaking woman still seems creepy.

UnwanteDreamz3076d ago

I thought this was cool as well. They captured it well, I would be able to tell on my own it was PT.

XanderZane3076d ago

Incredible. I loved it. The Nicholas Cage part was just great. I'd play this in Project Sparks. I still have the beta on my XB1, but I haven't gotten the retail version yet. I could care less about P.T. though. Not really into horror games except for games like Resident Evil. Don't really care much for Kojima's arrogance. I did like OutLast though.

dreamed3075d ago

Its a free to play game and been out for a few weeks now for d/l....its gotta hour long tutorial though.

Reminded me of trials level editor,which im no good at either.

ovnipc3076d ago

So cool. I never played ps, its a way to play other ppl creations??

FragMnTagM3075d ago

You can create your own and play others creations.

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gangsta_red3076d ago

One of the best things out right now is Project Spark.

The amount of freedom and creativity is mind blowing.

MasterCornholio3076d ago

Little Big Planet and Project Spark can provide creative gamers endless hours of fun.


Torque_CS_Lewith3076d ago

And us talentless moochers too! Sharing ftw! !

mkis0073075d ago

I remember the first time my mind was blown by a working calculator in LBP1...people just need these tools to let their creativity out.

CloudRap3076d ago

Thats awesome I hope Xbox One gamers get to play silent hills, the pt demo was the best horror ive played in years everyone should get to play it.

Snookies123076d ago

Agreed, either that or they need to find someone who has a PS4 and go play it on their system lol. It's pretty freaking awesome...

ipach3076d ago

impeccable sound design. i'm not going anywhere near silent hills after that. made the mistake of playing it remote play in bed in pitch black. by the 3rd time i get pissed on by lisa it's like my eyes are imagining her in the corner of my actual room. and why is there actual piss on me now? freakin terrifying.

Kurisu3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

So is Project Spark a games design tool? As a PS4 owner I haven't been following this game, but this looks quite impressive. Also this trailer did actually make me jump xD

Neixus3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

yeah it is, kinda like how LBP is but in 3D

This, and LBP are games that go under ''play,create and share'' which is pretty self explanatory what it means.

Kurisu3076d ago

Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up. Will be interesting to see what people make with this! Some people just have a knack for making something special. That's the great thing about these types of games :)

As it's Halloween I've decided to give you a treat for your reply. Not sweets, a bubble (up) :)

mhunterjr3076d ago

In a nutshell yes. It's a game that allows you to create your own games and share/play/remix the creations of others.

Kurisu3076d ago

And don't you feel left out, you can have a bubble to :)

BeefCurtains3076d ago


Trick or Treat!?!


Kribwalker3076d ago

It is quite a bit more expansive then LBP. There's motion and voice capture, you can edit the NPCs brains so they do different actions dependent on what u do and what buttons you push ect, it's really crazy and can be quite intense if you go through tutorials and learn how to do things properly

MeliMel3076d ago

Project Spark is an actual developer tool and will only get better. If you have the time you can create awesome games. I do remember Microsoft saying that "Every Xbox One is a development kit. This is the software to get you started. Cant wait to see what games are made and shared.

d0x3603076d ago

@melimel. Well yes they said that but this isn't what they meant although it is a great way to practice things like level design and AI routines.

Microsoft meant that anyone could (in the future) sign up to be a developer and they would get a firmware update pushed to the Xbox which would turn it into a full featured SDK.

Unfortunately allowing anyone to turn their console into an SDK opens up security risks like running unsigned code (aka piracy) so Microsoft delayed the "feature" until they can both make it work without allowing piracy and also function as a normal Xbox one and play retail games. Sounds simple but its actually pretty complex because allow people system level access as an SDK allows them to essentially make a program that could be used to find and exploit a security flaw to allow pirated content.

BallsEye3075d ago

FUll blown game creator. You can make unlimited huge wordls and only your imagination is the limit. Pick any game and I'm pretty sure you can re-create it in a sparky way.

Jaqen_Hghar3075d ago

It's LBP basically with the playing and creating and sharing. God now a man is reminded of LBP3! *drools in anticipation*

MarkusMcNugen3075d ago

One of the better levels I've seen in Project Spark was someone recreating the first part of the original Fable. The part where you play as the little kid, and it is spot on. Felt like I was actually playing Fable. It's very impressive, I'm just not creative and patient enough to make anything in it...

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