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"Halloween is a great time for both horror movies and gaming. For those players who enjoy a good scare, these games will be right up your alley. We have compiled a list of the best scary games to play between the haunted houses and Friday the 13th marathon." -BootHammer

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ContraCode2642d ago

Nice list, I'd add Silent Hill to top it off.

Vermigs2642d ago

I'd add Dead Space 1 as at least an honorable mention.

BootHammer2642d ago

The original Dead Space was indeed frightening! Another great nominee ;)

ContraCode2642d ago

I'm hoping Dead Space returns to their roots with the next installment.

Plagasx2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I remember the first Dead Space coming out around Halloween too which was awesome.

s45gr322642d ago

No mention of Among the sleep boo

TXIDarkAvenger2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

If the game stayed inside the house it would of been so much better. I mean its ok but once you leave the house it doesn't feel as terrifying.

Gigglefist2642d ago

Hey, REmake is on the list and that's all that matters. Gawd that's a good game. I'd throw PT on there too. I mean it's a free super short game, but it's one of the scarier games I've played.

Hallow2642d ago

Almost finished with Alien Isolation, was gonna give up on it as it's not that great but saw I was near the end so might as well finish it.

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